5 digital marketing techniques for SMEs


When you start your business, digital marketing for SMEs can sometimes seem intimidating in a constantly changing digital world. How are you supposed to develop, adjust and maintain a good digital marketing strategy that adapts to these changes?

This report indicates that 63% of marketers and sales professionals see increased traffic to their website and potential customers as the biggest marketing challenge for their business.

For businesses to compete in today’s digital landscape and SEO services, they need more than a simple Internet presence to attract new customers and retain existing customers.

Integrating these essential digital marketing techniques into your online strategy will direct your customers to your site, guide them through the sales funnel and bring high-quality contacts to your inbox.
The companies below use digital marketing to create experiences and content and better reach their audiences.

1.— Zappos
Zappos, a heavyweight in shoe e-commerce, is the benchmark for online customer service.

Zappos not only offers a 365-day money-back guarantee, but also free two-way delivery, should the consumer decide to return or exchange the products purchased on the site.

Zappos therefore has little trouble marketing its presence online. Its policies are so attractive to consumers that buyers are eager to share the qualities of this business with each other, in a completely organic and viral way.

To be effective, content marketing must be properly managed. You must ensure that your digital content marketing campaigns produce good results in proportion to the resources employed.

Listen to your audience and plan accordingly. It’s the secret to a good customer experience.

2.- American Express (AMEX)
Many companies talk about the communities they create online and the value of online conversations. Very few of them, however, really create a quality community.

American Express is using its money to match its potential, leveraging the value that industry experts bring to its Open Forum website.

Open Forum is a collaborative website on which American Express invites authors from various sectors to share their knowledge and entrepreneurial know-how. This gives a site rich in content, enjoying great popularity on search engines. All of this was created without American Express having to spend money to pay content contributors.

You don’t have to be the creator of your content. Find big names in your industry who create valuable content and ask them to write a specialized article for your blog. You will build an audience and attract traffic, as long as the content adds value. In addition to creating online communities, you will minimize your financial investments.
Shaving can be a boring, routine activity, right? One brand came up with the idea of ​​making a catchy and fun video; here is the Dollar Shave Club release clip “Our Blades Are F *** ing Great” (our blades are super good).
Today, this company brings together more than 3 million subscribers, its sales volume reaches 200 million dollars in five years and it has conquered almost 7% of the American shaving market. His promotional video has been viewed over 25 million times and was bought by Unilever for $ 1 billion.

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Don’t be afraid to have a good time with your audience. DSC does not take itself too seriously. Their video is cheerful, light and ironic, which pleased customers. Their idea came down to buying razor blades to film fun and entertaining shaves. This is what has been kept in mind.

4.— The Wirecutter
Affiliate marketing can be a bit sordid, but it can produce great results if properly put in place. The Wirecutter set the standard by posting a simple ” list of the best gadgets, such as cameras and televisions, for people who don’t want to spend too much time thinking about their purchases .”

The site publishes reviews of the products it likes, adds a link to a retail site so consumers can easily get them, and then charges a commission on the sale.

Consumers are often wary of paid ads, banners and search results: they want to read real recommendations by real people. This is what The Wirecutter offers. People share opinions and influence purchasing decisions. The only marketing aspect for the site is to write reviews. The fans do the rest.

5.— Airbnb
As the ways of travelling and finding accommodation have evolved, Airbnb has defined a digital marketing strategy based mainly on photos and videos provided by users of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These include, for example, instructional videos and publications for owners and recognized city guides. His Instagram campaign combines humour with fascinating images from different travel locations around the world. More than just a service, it is also a travel forum.

Create a demand for your product or service by finding an interesting subject related to your business. For example, Airbnb is, ultimately, a participatory hotel business, which explains why the content that is interesting to the company is linked to travel sites around the world. Generate interest in the content and you will reap the rewards.


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