Signs That Indicate That You Need to Call a Locksmith Now


Having a robust door and lock system is crucial for you and your property’s security. However, doors and locks are machines and they may develop problems over time and in usage. If left unattended, these problems may exaggerate and compromise your safety and security against elements. So, here are a few signs that you must look out for. As soon as you notice them in your door and lock system, call a Locksmith immediately and have them fixed.

Misaligned Lock and Latch

If your door lock does not make a click sound upon closing, it may indicate that it is not aligned properly. The strike plate or the door latch might have become loose and they might be causing your door lock to malfunction. You may need to call an expert to reposition the door lock and latch or install new ones if needed.

Door Not Locking Even When the Key Turns

If your door does not lock even if the key turns properly, the tiny parts in the lock system might have worn out. A locksmith may be able to fix the lock with some tools and techniques, or else they may decide to install a new lock.

Key Sticking and Not Turning

If the key sticks in your lock and refuses to turn, then most people try to force it with pressure. When they do this, the key often breaks and leaves some broken metal pieces inside the lock. If these pieces cannot be removed, then the lock may need to be removed, even if it is in perfect condition. So, leave such a lock alone and call a locksmith who can often fix the problem without replacing the lock.

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Loose Components

The entire lock system has several components that need to work properly to close the door, including the lock, knob and handle. Since a door is opened and closed several times a day, some of these components may become loose, and this may affect the integrity of the whole system. If any of these is too old or if they have developed fault over the age, then get them fixed or replaced by a professional Locksmith in Midtown West immediately.

Lock Cylinder Turning

If the entire lock cylinder tends to turn when you turn the key, it is a sign that the door lock has a major issue and it needs to be fixed immediately. It indicates a damaged or loose set screw that needs to be tightened.

So, if you notice any of these problems in your door and lock system, then get in touch with a professional locksmith now and have them fixed immediately to prevent any potential damage.


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