Packers and Movers Cost for Relocating to A New House


Thinking of relocating to a new house? Not sure how much it’s going to cost you? Just wondering if the relocation might cost you more than your allotted budget? In case, you are having sleepless nights trying to find answers to these questions, we got you a bit sorted. Read along to know how.

It is the era of finding the right match with a single swipe or a just a click! Finding your right match for the right movers and packers for you would not be so simple I’m sure, but is going to be a bit more detailed process which all starts with a phone-call. Call a movers and packers solution providing agency to start with as they will play the role of match-makers in this case!

You will be provided with the details of three of the best suited movers and packers companies, and they would send representatives from each one of the companies to provide you with a rough estimation of the relocation process. The representatives come down to your current address and check all the belongings that you would like to move to your final destination. Accordingly, they can estimate the number of boxes that might be required to move all the stuff. Finally, they come up with their price. You need to do a comparative analysis of all the three movers and packers services on basis of their quotations submitted and choose the one that suits you the best.

Now that you are aware of the basic formula to get the packers and movers estimate of the relocation process, you are still not informed about what aspects affect the prices of moving. Let’s get you through the procedure clearly; following are the relevant factors:


Distance plays a major role in deciding the cost of relocating to a new place. Relocations can be within the city or intercity, and in this case the factor that decides the difference in final moving price is the distance between the initial and the final destinations. Greater the distance; greater are the rates.


Quantity here refers to the number of boxes to be moved to the new place. Not only the number of boxes, the weight of the boxes will also affect the price of moving. If the numbers of boxes are too many and the weights of the boxes or the individual items are quite heavy, it will require more effort to pack, load, transport and lastly to unload at the final destination. Hence, greater the quantity, greater is the moving cost.

Packing Materials:

The final packers and movers cost is the cost of moving in addition to the cost of the materials used to pack the consignment along with the labor charges. The extensive usage of packing materials like cartons, plastic boxes, corrugated cardboards, bubble wraps, plastic stretch sheets, cello tapes, furniture pads etc. add up to the cost of packing thereby increasing the entire cost of relocation. A range of 3k to 10k is the average cost of packing in general. Therefore, greater the usage of packing materials, greater is the cost of relocation.


Depending on the size of the consignment and the number of items that build the consignment, number of men required would vary. The bigger the consignment size, more will be the manpower requirement, more will be the charges for shifting.


In case of intercity relocations, many a times you might need warehouse facilities. Warehousing is a concept where the movers and packers service providers allow the clients to keep their belongings in the warehouse for a stipulated period of time according to their requirement. This facility definitely adds up to the final cost of relocation. More the space occupied by your consignment in the warehouse and more the time you require to keep your belongings in the warehouse, more will be the cost of relocation.

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In- transit Insurance:

This particular relocation factor is actually an optional one. You can choose to avail in-transit insurance or avoid it. But it is always advisable to opt for in-transit insurance, especially if you are moving intercity as in this case the movers and packers company takes the responsibility of the consignment and in case of any damage or loss of goods, the company pays immediate compensation against it. Definitely, it is a preventive measure but in-transit insurance increases relocation costs.


If you have a large family and a spacious house with a lot of furniture and a lot of personal belongings, it is obvious that the number of items needed to be moved will be a lot. So a lot of labor is required to pack, carry, load, move and finally unload the items. Hence, more the labor more will be the cost of shifting.

Transportation Vehicle:

Transportation vehicles are available in all sizes- small, medium, large; larger the vehicle larger will be the cost of moving.  Relocation takes place in two types of vehicles or containers:

  • Shared Containers: In this case your belongings will be moved along with other clients’ belongings in the same containers. Obviously the price of moving will be shared by the customers thereby resulting in decrease of moving costs.
  • Dedicated Containers: In this case your belongings will be moved in a separate container allotted for you personally which will make the relocation process faster. The cost of moving increases relatively in this case.

Days of relocation:

The prices of moving depend upon the days of relocation. If you choose to move on weekdays that are from Monday to Thursday, the moving costs are lesser than Weekends; in this case it’s Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Due to the high demands of the movers and packers service providers during the weekends, the prices surge up. Hence, moving on weekends increase relocation costs.

Payable Taxes:

Every relocation process, be it in the same city or intercity, is entitled to pay two kinds of taxes:

  • GST – Goods and Services Tax
  • Toll Tax – This tax is only subject to intercity relocations.

Impression of the Company:

If the movers and packers company that you opt for is a renowned one that is it has a good brand value, you are most likely to pay more. It is the extra you pay and might not even hesitate to pay as you know that experience and good market reputation comes at a good price. A prominent and dependable brand is sometimes a preferred choice for many clients. However, from the price perspective, brand value increases the moving cost.

Miscellaneous Costs:

Unmounting the AC, Television, geyser, water purifier etc. from the walls before moving; installing them back to the allotted places after unloading the goods in the new house, comes with an addition service cost. More such miscellaneous services would increase the relocation prices.


Packers and movers services should be considered as an essential service if you are considering relocating to a new place. But the price of relocation is what makes you prefer one service provider over the other.

Online relocation calculator is used to calculate the approximate cost of shifting a particular size of consignment to a specific location on a preferred time of the week. Based on the evaluation, you can decide the best movers and packers company suited for you.

Now that you are aware of the factors that increase the cost of relocation process, choose wisely to go with the ones that you prefer. Wishing you a happy moving.

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