Some Highlights Of The Attractions Of The Desert Safari Adventure Tour In Dubai


The attractions in Dubai have amazed the tourists coming from every corner of the world. The endless adventurous activities are full of energy, zest, and thrill. Moreover, the tourism department in the UAE has provided many opportunities for tourists to enjoy endeavoring adventures at extremely affordable rates. When you enter Dubai, there are many adventuresome spots at every footstep but desert safari Dubai is one the top.

Desert Safari Companies In Dubai

Many tourists are unaware of the fact that good desert safari companies in Dubai can double the joy of their adventure by offering affordable deals. However, be careful of scams while booking a deal. The inclusions of the desert safari adventure are worth-enjoying. Let’s have a look at them.

Going to the desert from your hotel in a 4×4 car like Land Cruiser is a fun-filled experience. Enjoying jip-hop songs from high schools brings back many memories.

We cannot overlook the fact of the magical view of the desert. The mica in the grains of sand shines like a diamond when sunlight falls over it.


The most rip-roaring activity of the desert safari Dubai is sand bashing. Driving on twisted dunes feels like riding on a roller-coaster. Watching from the height of 4,000 feet is a great experience.

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You feel like sliding through dunes during sandboarding. It seems as you hug dunes when you fall over them.

ATV quad biking is un-comparable with any other desert sport. Exploring the desert on a two-wheeler quad bike is an adventure. The grains of sand striking your face give an immense feeling of adventure.

The most amazing part of the VIP desert safari Dubai is a camel ride to the campsite. The panoramic view of the desert looks breathtakingly amazing from the top of the camel.

No doubt, the entertainment activities at the campsite are designed to amuse the tourists. The energetic Belly dancers, Tanura dancers, and fire dancers will leave you spellbound.

The desert safari companies in Dubai have arranged a BBQ buffet for tourists. The taste of dinner, desserts, salads, Arabic tea, and dates is finger-licking delicious.

Oh yes, the Arabic sheesha pipe is not to miss at the campsite. Having henna painting on your hands and feet feel fabulous

Spending a night in a camp in the desert under twinkling stars is a refre


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