Web Space: The Types of Hosting If You Need To Launch Your Site


Creating your own web space is now an activity for everyone, no more than an elite of nerd geeks. With the advent of CMS, you will surely know WordPress the most famous, which made the creation of a site within reach of children, the word web hosting has now become more than common use. With this article we would like to help you find the best one for you.

Whether you are a newcomer grappling with your first site or an expert, looking for the Best web hosting service on which to run your platform, you would like to know the answer to the question: What is the best hosting solution to host my web space?

The answers to this question are innumerable: you just need to browse any forum or community and you will find positive or heavily negative comments about any hosting provider – regardless of how good it is. But the truth is that there is no correct answer to this question but a cold “depends “.

What is a web hosting service?

The web hosting is the service that allows anyone, whether a private individual or a company, to publish a website on the internet. All content, images and functions of the website are stored on the web host’s servers,the company that provides the tools and services necessary for the site to be published on the web. Web spaces are stored in special computers called servers. When a person wants to visit your site, he writes the domain name in the URL bar of the browser in order to connect his computer with the server on which your website is hosted.

In choosing the right web host , even if you browse through forums and communities, help us to get an idea of ​​what we buy, you first need to understand what your needs are .

People who have their own web space or who are going to open one, have different needs as well as different financial resources. To put it simply, the neophyte who is about to open his first blog will have a decidedly lower budget than a company that already has a huge audience.

The main factors to consider are:

  • Costs
  • Technical support and customer service;
  • Amount of available space;
  • Personalized email with the domain name

These factors can have different weights for different people. Before going to buy the recommended host, really think about what you need because if you don’t, you might find a web space with a web host that doesn’t match how much you need. Element that you might not know, though.

And that’s why we’ve prepared this list of features for you to search for in a web host.

Free or paid hosting?

At this point you might think: but do I really have to pay a host to start my site?

 The choice of free hosting

There are platforms, like WordPress or the old Blogger, which allow you to start with a free plan. But let us tell you that it’s not really a good idea. Here the saying holds: little expense, little yield. One reason is because the free plan does not look professional. Not to mention then that you get a second level domain, which means your site will have example.wordpress.com address. And if you have read our posts on persuasion and branding you will have already understood that perception is everything: you will not be taken seriously by those who visit your site.

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Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of this choice.


  • Easy to use;
  • You don’t need technical knowledge to publish the contents


The blog is not yours, if the hosting decides to delete your account or make changes you can do nothing about it;

  • You have no control over your site;
  • You have to work with the tools (few) that are made available to you;
  • You will not be indexed on Google, as the search engine gives priority to top-level domains.
  • It will be extremely difficult to increase the perception of the brand ;
  • There will be banner ads on your blog decided by the web host ;
  • You will be more exposed to viruses because the basic themes are very often written with very vulnerable codes.

The choice of paid hosting

When you invest money in a customized hosting, with a relatively small investment, the public’s perception of your site changes. First of all, the domain, which becomes top-level and therefore indexable by search engines, as well as many other advantages that we are going to see below:


  • You have full control of the site and / or blog pages, you can change its appearance and functions, update the themes and install plugins
  • You have access, in the case of using CMS like WordPress, to a wide range of topics
  • You can increase the personal brand or brand of your company more easily
  • There will be no advertising banners inserted randomly from the web host.
  • By force of circumstances we must also list those that, at first glance, may seem to be Disadvantages
  • You have to spend money to buy the domain
  • You need to know a bit of technical knowledge to customize the site
  • It can be a little difficult for those who are beginners to understand. However it comes in handy technical support and the community of the web host.

Now that we understand the substantial difference between free and paid hosting, listing the advantages and disadvantages, let’s see what types of hosting are available.

Web hosting services, the 4 types

The web hosting services are mainly divided into 4 types:

  • Shared hosting. Your site is hosted on servers that also host other sites, making it the cheapest solution among those with a fee. The downside is that the performance of your site / blog is influenced by those of other sites uploaded to the server
  • VPN hosting. With a VPN host you always share the server with other blogs, but you have your own space. This way your site doesn’t crash or crash if the other sites hosted on the same server have problems
  • Dedicated hosting. Your site is hosted on a dedicated server , which means generally better performance in terms of protection and speed
  • Cloud Hosting (VPS). The best choice but also the most expensive one. Your site is not stored on a single server but on several different servers. Which means it will never be offline if something happens to one of the servers.

For new sites you don’t need high-priced hosting services. At the beginning you don’t have much data to archive so you can choose cheaper services. When your site grows, you can move on to better and more performing services.

This does not mean that you should not pay due attention to the hosting service to choose: do not be fooled by the possibility of a low price, because if you pay little you will get little.

In conclusion, the hosting service is not a service to be chosen lightly. Browse and ask to make your opinion and understand what is really needed. It will save you the hassle of having to migrate from one server to another if your first choice is wrong.


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