Free WordPress Plugins to Add Star Rating Testimonials in Website


Testimonials add social proof to your business website. This social proof in the star rating and reviews helps the customers to get an idea about the credibility of the products. As a result, the customers take quick decisions about the selection of the products. If the products on your website have a 5-star rating, it means that these products are legitimate. Therefore, customers will feel no hesitation to buy these products. To add star rating testimonials in your website, you will have to use WordPress plugins. Here, we will discuss the best WordPress plugins that are helpful to you to add star rating testimonials in your website.

WP Product Review Lite:

It is a free WordPress star rating plugin. By using this plugin, you can easily communicate with the customers. This is also the best plugin to show the customer reviews on your website. This plugin also allows the users to add some navigation buttons in their websites. By adding these navigation buttons, it will be easy for the website owners to boost up their profit. This plugin has also the support of the rich snippets. Therefore, you can also use this plugin to rank higher in the search engines. If users want to see the documentation in detail, this WordPress plugin also provides them with a link. If you want to activate or deactivate any button, you can visit the plugin options. By visiting the plugin options, it is also possible for you to modify the colour.

Site Reviews:

It is also a free star rating plugin for WordPress websites. Along with showing the star rating, you can also use this plugin to show some positive reviews of the customers on your website. The interface of this plugin is handy to use for the website developers. This essential WordPress plugin provides access to the developers to the required shortcuts, blocks and widgets. This essential plugin also allows users to restore and backup all the data. The setup process of this plugin is very handy for the users. Therefore, you can easily implement this plugin on your website. After implementing this plugin on your website, you can assign the star rating and reviews to the products and posts. This WordPress plugin is providing support for multilingual features. Based on your audience, you can select the best language for the reviews.

Google Reviews Widget:

This is one of the best WordPress plugins to implement a star rating in the WordPress websites. The active installations of this WordPress plugin are more than 50,000. By using this free WordPress plugin, you can also show Google business reviews in the sidebar of the widget of your website. Another benefit of this plugin is that all the reviews are stored in the WordPress database. This essential WordPress plugin is also optimized with the SEO standards. Therefore, it is also the best plugin to improve the SEO of your business website. This plugin is also providing support of the Page Origin, Elementor and page builders to the users. If you want to use its standard features, you will have to install its business version. In the business version of this plugin, you will get some extra features like powerful collection builder, Google Rich Snippets and much more.

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Rating-Widget – Star Rating System:

Recommended by a dissertation help firm, Rating-Widget is one of the most important WordPress plugins to add star ratings in your website. By using this WordPress plugin, you can add two different kinds of rating systems. First, it allows the users to add the star rating system on their websites. Secondly, it allows the users to thumbs up/down rating system on their websites. You can also integrate this WordPress plugin for the WooCommerce, BuddyPress users and forums etc. In its free version, you will get limited features. If you want to use its advanced features, you will have to buy its premium version. Anyhow, in its free version, this WordPress plugin is providing some amazing features for the users. By using these features, you can easily increase the credibility of your website. Along with star rating, this plugin also allows the users to add reviews of the customers.

Steller – Star Rating WordPress Plugin:

If you are looking for the simple star rating plugin for your WordPress website, it is the best plugin to you. Its reason is that this WordPress plugin provides easy to use interface for the users to add star rating in their WordPress plugin. After installing this plugin, you can also implement it easily on all the posts, pages and products. This essential WordPress plugin is compatible with all the WordPress themes. This essential plugin provides lots of customization options to the users. By using these customization options, the users can easily change the color, size and shape of the icons of the testimonials. If you assign a rating to a specific page or product by using this WordPress plugin, this rating will also be visible in the search results. If the star rating of your posts is almost 5, CTR of your website will also be increased. Its reason is that the posts with 5-stars will be interesting and intriguing for the users.

Good Review:

Good Review is also an essential and feature-rich WordPress plugin for your website. This essential WordPress plugin allows the users to add reviews and star rating on your website. By using this WordPress plugin, you can select the posts, products and pages on which you want to show the star rating. As it is a feature-rich WordPress plugin. Therefore, it will be helpful to you to make your website interactive for the users as well as search engines. If you want to increase the credibility of the products, this essential WordPress plugin allows you to boost up the credibility of the reviews of the customers by adding pictures. If you want to show reviews to the customers, this WordPress plugin provides you with different options. First, you can show a single review to the customers. For this reason, you can select a positive review and show it on the targeted product. Secondly, this WordPress plugin also allows you to show a bunch of reviews to the customers.


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