8 Ways to Capitalize from Exhibition Stand Design


Exhibition booth staff may have to initiate conversations and get people to start talking more about themselves. Most people might stop briefly, ask a few questions and move on. Instead of using yes and no answers, a better strategy is to ask open-ended questions.

These questions can be about their opinions about the design of your own exhibition stand, their reasons for attending, comparisons with previous experiences, and similar topics that give the visitors something to talk about and create the impression that the company representative is genuinely interested in speaking to them.

As part of the pre-show training, each participant can prepare a list of three to four similar questions and rehearse to make them sound authentic. This training will prepare the staff to engage with the visitors effectively.

Avoid Using Sales Techniques

Exhibitions and events are about interacting enjoyably and establishing initial contact with potential clients. Although, the purpose of your exhibition stand or exhibition booth is to increase sales, that comes later as noted by bespoke exhibition stand contractor.

The goal of the staff at your trade show booth is to get quality leads during the event that can later convert into meaningful business partnerships.

Instead of using sales techniques and trying to sell the company’s products or services, the booth staff can use an amicable conversation to collect client data while carrying out meaningful conversations about the client’s needs and the company’s products that can fulfill these needs.

Remain Focused on the Company’s Goals

All booth staff members have to maintain their focus on the specific goals set by their business organization and the reasons why their company is participating in the trade show. Everyone has to maintain a strictly professional code of behavior throughout the event.

Staff members might connect with few visitors on a personal level occasionally; however, appropriate training will help them steer the conversation expertly back to the company, its display, and its products.

This strategy will gain maximum benefit for the company by reaching the largest number of visitors possible during the limited trade show duration.

Effective use of these trade show tips will enable your company to acquire the maximum qualified leads. The booth staff will be able to identify the visitors who do not fit the profile of your company’s future clientele and in a subtle manner, move on to speak to the next visitor.

The brief training session with booth staff prior to the trade show will increase their effectiveness, resulting in successful trade show participation and numerous quality leads that can help a business in building its brand value and financial success.

Attractive Stands

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One thing that is true of the modern and constantly-connected business world is that people’s attention spans are arguably shorter than ever before. Making sure that you have an exhibition stand design that stands out from the crowd, and also knowing how to get people to engage with it, is crucial for getting a return on investment and these are the creative ideas for exhibition stands.

An amazing exhibition stand design is, of course, the first way to ensure that you get a large number of visits to your booth at an event; are potable and experienced exhibition stand design expert will be able to help you come up with something that will meet all your company needs and requirements, as well as draw your target audience in.

Availability of WiFi

There are other ways to capitalize on your exhibition booth however, that go far beyond the design of your stand. One of these, perhaps unsurprisingly, is ensuring that you have good Wi-Fi connectivity and facilitate and encourage interaction between your offline stand and the online world.

Use of Social Media

Many visitors use social media throughout the day, and bringing your stand at the event online through the endorsements and shares of your audience builds up your brand image, attracts new followers and provides you with some complimentary advertising as visitors post your brand all over their social media pages for their friends and contacts to see.

Photo Booth

Make sure that any free Wi-Fi that is provided is branded in some way to ensure that your business gets a boost. You can provide free accounts for your website, encourage people to take their photos against a cool background or with a well-known guest, or give them branded freebies to show off on their social media accounts.

Offer Freebies

A great way to draw people in is to give them offline freebies that are genuinely useful This is a technique that works very well in the online world, with many people signing up for gifts such as eBooks and downloads in exchange for contact details. Try this on your stand by offering free books, product samples or guides.

Offering Comfort

Another way to draw people to your exhibition booth that can also be used in tandem with a good exhibition stand design, is giving people the space to sit down and enjoy what you have to offer whilst providing plugs for them to charge their devices and this is something that you need to clear to your bespoke stand builder.


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