Washers Yard Game: A Perfect Sporting Activity to Raise Your Skills & Core Lessons!


Being one of the popular games among people of all ages, Washers game is an engaging activity that helps you stay interactive and work upon your creative skills!  Often known among individuals as ‘Washers Yard’ or ‘Washers Toss,’ these games are often recalled for its rules and different options of gameplay. The fascinating part of this sport is its quality accessories that usually are prepared under quality-manufactured companies guidelines. The quality part of purchasing the accessories from these companies is that you can have faith and trust in their manufacturing at any point in time.

It’s often recalled that as long as you are looking for fun and able to throw a washer, you can play washer yard game. In today’s time, Washers game is gaining popularity as it can be played in washer toss tournaments every year with winners getting cash prices and other types of rewards.

Let’s understand Washers Yard Game in Brief.


  1. A Washers Yard Game is most of the time played on a rectangular area level which is 8 ft to 25 ft long. The area should consist of two washer platforms (10 feet apart from front to front), designated tosser boxes, and the foul line.
  2. The tosser box is only limited to the tosser’s leg touching. They can slender as close to the opposing washer target as they would like so long as their leg remains in contact with the washer podium behind them.

Playing the Game:

  • There is no denying the fact that Washer in terms of either doubles or singles. In doubles play, 2 players of each team are divided and offered an equal number of washers toss to throw at a designated point. Whereas in singles play, a 1 player competes along with the other 1 player of a different team. Also, in doubles play, 1 player of each team tosses from one platform and the other 1 player tosses from the other platform. In a singles match, both players toss from the same washer platform.
  • In doubles play, the first sides of players alternate tossing washers until they have thrown all three, then the remaining players continue to alternate in the same manner until all three washers are delivered.
  • The player who scored last shall toss first in the next round. If neither tossed scores, the contestant who tossed second shall get first chance to throw in the next round.
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  • 1 point is awarded if the washers land of the washer boards.
  • 3 points are awarded if the washer is inside the Washer Board hole.
  • The washer game tournament is most often played until the first team of contestants reaches as a score of 21-0, as per Washers Game guidelines.

Wrapping Up

All in all, Washers Yard Game is one of the perfect games to enhance your skill level and other core skills. Hence, if you are looking for Washers Yard Game set from a professional web store, it’s better to connect with USA’s Washers Game!


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