What can you do with the Apple Smart watch


The Apple Watch is a best smartwatch that associates with your iPhone to convey notices, cause calls, to send messages and run applications. There are numerous things the Apple Watch can do. Here are 50 of the most energizing things you can do with the Apple Watch, including the cool new watchOS 5 highlights. You can depend on much progressively cool highlights with watchOS 6 this fall.

Regardless of whether you are wanting to purchase an Apple Watch as you head back to class, or searching for additional to do with the watch you effectively possess, this is the authoritative take a gander at the cool things the Apple Watch can do.

This is something beyond an iPhone on your wrist. When you comprehend what you can do with the Apple Watch it turns into an astonishing apparatus to enable you to overcome your day, be increasingly gainful, shed pounds, get fit as a fiddle and we even utilized it to set aside cash. A few people even utilize the Apple Watch to profit.

In the event that you are considering getting one, here’s our guide on which Apple Watch to purchase in 2019. Here’s our long haul Apple Watch survey, and in the event that you need the most up to date, the best Apple Watch 4 arrangements.

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We’re here to enable you to make sense of what your Apple Watch can do and how you can utilize these new includes.

What Can the Apple Watch Do?

The watchOS 5.0 highlights make your watch quicker, includes a walkie-talkie, super charges Siri and substantially more. This associates with the cool new things you can do in iOS 12. The Apple Watch conveys quicker access to a significant number of your normal exercises. The original model just runs watchOS 4, and can do a large portion of the things on this rundown. The remainder of the models including the Apple Watch 4 run watchOS 5.

On the off chance that you need to accomplish more with your Apple Watch, you may need to overhaul. Here are the best Apple Watch gives you will discover. You can spare $50 off the Apple Watch 4 from an optimistic standpoint Buy.

Apple Watch 4

This is the most recent Apple Watch with a greater screen, quicker processor, half more intense speaker and ECG support.

This isn’t the main watch that interfaces with the iPhone, however it is unquestionably one that interests a great deal of clients and conveys the best network to the iPhone. There are a huge amount of energizing and helpful things you can do with the Apple Watch, even some you can manage without your iPhone. This is what the Apple Watch can do;

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1. Answer Calls

2. Utilize the Apple Watch as a Walkie Talkie

3. Tune in to Podcasts on the Apple Watch

4. Utilize the Apple Watch to Challenge Friends

5. Utilize the Apple Watch as a Flashlight

6. Utilize the Apple Watch in Water

7. Track Your Runs

8. Remain Quiet in a Movie Theater

9. Change Your Watch Face

10. See Info Quickly

11. Screen Your Heart Rate

12. Track Your Fitness

13. View and Reply to Text and iMessage

14. Send Apple Watch Emoji

15. Get iPhone Notifications On Your Wrist

Every single other thing that you can do:

Offer Your Heartbeat

Pay with Apple Pay

Use Apple Watch Apps

Get Directions On Your Apple Watch

Send Drawings from the Apple Watch

Use Siri on the Apple Watch

Take a gander at Photos on Your Apple Watch

Associate with Your Car

Send Facebook Messages

Tune in to Music on Your Apple Watch

Stream Apple Music on You Apple Watch 3

Offer Your Location

Browse Your Email

Control Your Apple TV and Music

Use it as a Camera Viewfinder

Locate a lost iPhone

Store Tickets on Your Apple Watch

Use it as a Nightstand Clock

Set Your Apple Watch Up to 10 Minutes Fast

Send a SOS

Keep on Track to Close Your Activity Rings

Keep You On Task as a Virtual Assistant

Send Money to Friends with Apple Pay Cash

Use it as a Stopwatch

Show Store Loyalty Cards

Control Your Smart Home

Get Important Weather Alerts

Use as a Translator

Check Your Instagram Feed

Track Your Sleep

Continuously Have Your Passwords

Track Skiing and Snowboarding with the Apple Watch

Consistently Track Your Heart Rate Without Workouts

Control Your HomePod Music

Request a Pizza

Open Your Garage Door

Demonstrate Your Car Insurance

Check the News

New watchOS 5 Features

While you consider if the Apple Watch merits purchasing or search for what you can do with your new watch this is the thing that you have to know.

Answer Calls on the Apple Watch

You can answer an approach your Apple Watch utilizing it as a little Bluetooth speaker telephone. You just need to utilize this for shorter calls in light of the fact that the sound quality isn’t in the same class as when you are chatting on speakerphone on your iPhone.

The Apple Watch just enables you to answer your approaches Speakerphone, so you won’t have any desire to utilize this constantly. It is exceptionally convenient when you are chipping away at a task or occupied with your hands. Unquestionably be aware of where you are accepting calls. On the off chance that you wouldn’t chat on speakerphone, you shouldn’t chat on your Apple Watch.

On the off chance that you purchase the new Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE, you can even make approaches the Apple Watch without your iPhone close by. This requires adding the watch to your arrangement for $10 every month. You can’t answer a FaceTime video approach the Apple Watch.


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