Recover Permanently Deleted Emails From Outlook


Are you using Outlook as an email client? And you have accidentally deleted your mails. Now you want them back. Don’t worry! Read this article to know the solutions. I will tell you how to retrieve deleted item from Outlook files. I will also provide an efficient solution to recover permanently deleted emails from Outlook.

However, I would advise you to create a backup of your files. If any casualties happens at-least
You will have your data. Also, if you do not have a technical expertise. Kindly don’t touch your files. Because once the data gets overwrite. Then, even a third-party software can recover data.

Retrieve Soft Deleted Outlook Emails

When you delete any item in Outlook, it goes into either Deleted items or Trash folder. You can restore your deleted emails from there. Follow the below steps:

  1. Firstly, open Outlook on your Mac system.
  2. Select either “Deleted Items” or “Trash” folder in the folder list.
  3. Right click on the item you want to restore.
  4. Lastly select Move >> Other Folder

Restore Mails From “Recover Deleted Items From Server”

Recover Deleted Items From Server” is a folder which keeps permanently deleted Outlook items for certain retention period. This option will be greyed out if do not have an exchange server support. Also, if you see Trash folder instead of Deleted Item folder in the particular account. Then, you don’t have this option. But if you have a server support and you can see this folder. Then, follow the below steps:

  1. Click Deleted Items folder
  2. Select Home >> click “Recover Deleted Items From Server
  3. Now select the desired item you want to recover
  4. click “Restore Selected Items” button >> OK

An Efficient Way to Recover Permanently Deleted Emails From Outlook

Now, if there is a case where you don’t have “Recover Deleted Items From Server” option. And your emails are permanently gone. Then the only way to get them back is by using an automated solution. The best software to recover permanently deleted emails from Outlook is “Outlook Deleted Items Recovery”.

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It does not matter how many years old emails you want to recover. This software can retrieve very old emails like from Outlook 2000 version. This product will get back all your precious emails by performing RAW scan. Which means, it will scan all the Outlook files bit-by-bit. In-short it will do everything possible to help you to get back your emails. Also, this tool is quite safe to use. It does not create any hindrance to existing files. To know more features read further.

Features of SysTools Outlook Deleted Items Recovery

There are many amazing features of this software. To know more you can visit the link given in the earlier section. But I have listed some features here:

  1. Recovers permanently deleted emails from Outlook PST, OST, BAK files.
  2. Restores deleted Outlook items like Calendars, Contacts, Tasks, Journals, Notes.
  3. Easily export recovered Outlook items to various formats like PST, PDF, EML, MSG, HTML.
  4. You can effectively transfer restored data into Office 365.
  5. This tool is compatible with all Outlook versions (2019/ 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 07/ 03/ 02/ 00)
  6. It provides option to maintain folder hierarchy.
  7. Before actually recovering, you can preview all the recovered data.

What All I Have Discussed in This Blog?

In this article, I have provided solutions to recover permanently deleted emails from Outlook files. First I have talked about all the available manual methods to retrieve erased emails from your Outlook account. To do so, you can check your emails in the “Deleted Items” or “Trash” folders. If you have exchange support, you can also find deleted emails in “Recover Deleted Items From Server”. It is a folder which keeps permanently Deleted items up-to its retention period.

Now, if all manual methods get failed. Then you have to go for software solution to get back permanently deleted emails. And SysTools Outlook Deleted Items Recovery is the best tool present in the market. You can download demo version this tool.


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