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It’s not easy to build a beautiful trousseau of jewellery, carefully choose different types of jewellery, stay true to your style, and be fashion-forward. Appropriate use of diamonds and coloured gemstones are a work of art to strike a delicate balance between the elements of fashion, elegance and aesthetics.

A beautiful trousseau of jewellery should be versatile and timeless, with various types of artificial jewellery and accessories that can then be modelled on different occasions with varying wardrobes. Keeping up with the trends in jewellery lets you make the right choices and pick or customize jewellery that fits your style and personality. Here we’re going to give you a look at the 2019 jewellery patterns.

An extensive collection of jewellery can add character and originality to the wardrobe of a woman. 1. ANKLETS

The pattern of anklet has been here for a long time and is going to be evergreen. You can go for either elegant anklets sitting right above your feet, adding to your overall appearance an extraordinary feminine beauty, or you can indulge in statements ankle accessories and you will never regret it. 


A waist chain or Kamar band allows the waistline to be accentuated by styling with a variety of outfits such as a saree, a lehenga or even a skirt crop top. Waist jewellery chain gives to an ensemble a certain degree of oomph. It makes perfect sense to have one in your jewellery box because the trend of the belly chain is all set to rock in 2019.


While the suitable old bracelet has kept a low profile in the jewellery world for a while now, some popular styles are ready to return to the game with statement pieces, bracelet stacks, and charm bracelets. In your trousseau, add a range of trendy and state-of-the-artist bracelet types and quickly accessorize.


In the 1963 film’ The V.I.P.’s, Elizabeth Taylor wears Bulgari’s emerald and diamond jewellery. Go quirky with a saree or power suit inspired statement brooch. Browse and pins of style are as flexible as they can be. You can quickly put them together with any of your wardrobe’s clothes and make a statement.


The ring trend never goes out of fashion but is getting ready for more momentum in 2019, with more and more popular cocktail rings and stackable rings. We can already see people on their fingers wearing multiple rings, i.e. piling different ring types on top of each other on the same finger, which we call stackable. Rings are particularly crucial for weddings and partnerships where couples search hundreds of different wedding styles before choosing one as a sign of their love.

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The pendant trend will carry a mixture of pieces of declaration and delicate parts of religious significance. Amulets, talismans, lockets, medallions, and late charms are common types of pendants. Pendants often make great gifts if you choose the right pendant design for the women of all ages.


Bold, streamlined, geometric models will include unusual patterns for 2019. Classic earrings of gold are anticipated in revisited designs to be seen again. Hoops and studs are types of jewellery that are evergreen and common. Different earring models, including earrings and ear cuffs, will make their presence felt this year. 


The armlet is an eye-catching piece of jewellery that can be made with new-age saris drapes or trendy ethnic cocktail dresses. They can be designed and manufactured at a wedding announcement. Just choose the right one! Let’s get back the pattern of the armlet.


Wearing a stunning necklace with fashion accessories is a perfect way to enhance your look. You can match your neckline with the necklace type you choose, and then you can combine it with a variety of outfits. If you’re wearing a sweetheart neckline, you might want to wear a versatile, spread-out style of necklace that sits just below your throat on the other hand while wearing a high-neckline. The long pendant necklace with tassels is a pattern in the jewellery which continues to settle in and is predicted to go high.


A choker necklace is lying around the neck soft and snugly. However, it is not intended to be uncomfortably tight and comes with a device that will reduce or increase its size depending on your needs. Right now, the choker trend is hot and will reign for a while. If you wonder how to wear a choker, Find a diverse neckline style and find out what works best for you. The best part of having any neckpiece is to plan a wedding if you want to add more to a monotonous theme; you can go on and pull it together.

For decades, women and men have been wearing jewellery to reflect their excellent appearance, social status, and even spiritual wellbeing. Silver has grown in modern times and has become more about emotional value, style, and statement-making. Therefore it becomes essential to select the right pieces of artificial kundan jewellery online for your trousseau.


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