Power Transformer Uses and Tests


Power transformers are extensively used in India and are in huge demand. The power transformer can be precisely defined as an electrical device that transfers electrical energy from one electrical circuit to another. They possess the maximum efficiency and operate during high loads. Each power transformer is different from each other in terms of designs, power interfacing, and regulatory requirements. These features make each and every transformer different from each other. Each one of them has some unique quality which makes them more efficient and effective when they are used. There are many power transformers manufacturers in India who are in the top hit list and provide good quality of transformers with excellent services.

Uses of the Power Transformer-

Power transformers are used between generator and distribution circuits when there is a transition between voltage levels. This is the primary usage of a power transformer. Other than this, distinct transformers have different usage. Some are used for high voltage capacity and some for arc welding. There are specialized transformers for each of them. These specialized transformers have functional features that add more power to their functioning. For example, a leakage transformer acts as both voltage transformers and magnetic ballast. This specific quality increases productivity when it works.

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Where the Power Transformers are used?

Power transformers as the name suggests are commonly used in power appliances. They are mostly used for regulating the AC voltage in electric power appliances. Increasing low AC voltage at the high current or decreasing high AC voltage at low current is their primary task. They are also used for isolation when the separate coils are not electrically bonded to one another. They perform an important role in this part.

Best Power Transformers Manufacturers-

There are many power transformer manufacturers in India who manufacture and distribute the best quality of power transformers at a reasonable price. They increase their customer base by improving the services and provide standard power transformers in order to attract customers towards them.

How to test a Power Transformer?

Power transformers should always be checked before buying. Several tests are conducted in order to check whether the transformers are efficient or not. Testing is conducted at both plant and site to ensure the proper working of the transformers. Tests like form checking, research schedule, conditional control checks, emergency testing, etc are done in order to inspect the working of the power transformer.


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