Know how to go prepared to book a bike on rent in Mumbai


Renting a bike in Mumbai is easy and, in a few steps, you will have a bike on rent in Mumbai. The procedure is not elaborate all you need to do is check the documents, the cost, the terms and conditions. If there is trouble in finding your choice of bikes, search, talk to your friends, or take some referrals to find a suitable bike place offering on rentals.

It is easy in Mumbai to get bikes on rent. If you are put up in a hotel, you may request the manager to do arrangements to get a rental bike. He will mostly help you. If not, move and find one close by. The bike rental shops are located within a few km radii from the hotel areas.

Documents Required

The documents required to take a bike on rent in Mumbai includes Identity proof and driving license. The identity proof can be anything, a passport, a PAN or a Voter ID Card. As you have to submit originals, do not hand over your driving original license. It is required while you are riding a rented vehicle. Besides, the rental bike renters accept original documents only so give them some other original id proof.

Check vehicle documents

Before payments, check the vehicle documents. You can also demand an original and duplicate copy.  Without getting into any sort of trouble enjoying a ride is the best. Whether it is a geared vehicle or a Scooty on rent in Mumbai, do check the list before hiring.

  • Check the papers and their validity
  • Go through RC book, check the registration date and the owner’s name
  • Check the insurance paper.

You may pay the deposit amount and the ride charges when you find the documents are clear.

Paperwork and Procedure

The Paperwork is easy taking only 2-3 minutes time. On selecting the bike and going through documents, you can make an entry on the book. The renters need customer entry and the details done on the Registry book are:

  • Your Full Name and Residential address
  • Mobile number and the Alternate Contact Person Details
  • Bike No.
  • Submitted Id Proof
  • Deposit paid, hiring date and return date
  • Vehicle model and number
  • Advance payment is done
  • Accessories Carried such as Helmet.

Please Note: These details are filled in front of you. Note the details written on the registry book. Double-check the deposit amount entered as advance payment. Once you are convinced of the details, you can go on a bike.

Bike cost

The bikes cost is not the same everywhere. The rates vary in Mumbai with the area and location. Likewise, the offseason and peak season rental rates also vary to the extent that it will be charged double and more than the off-season price. The Scooty that is available in the off-season for Rs. 250 will cost in peak season around Rs. 450 and 500.

Remember a few things, return the bike on time or else be prepared to pay extra charges. Call them to inform if you need an extension for a day or a few hours.


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