12 Yoga Exercises For A Sound And Healthy Sleep


Unable to sleep properly? What if you get exercises you can do in bed? There are the best exercises one can go with for sound sleep that will make a person healthy and fresh the next morning for sure. Today, most of the people are experiencing insomnia issues and if you are one of them, you better try out the following poses and tips will help you with better sleep you ever had before as follows-


This is the most important relaxation techniques which help everyone not just to give sound sleep, but a great peace and a calm mind. All you need to sit in a comfortable position, lean back a little on the pillows, put your hands on your knees, close your eyes and breathe slowly for a few minutes and check the best results.

Twisting sitting

After a short meditation, stay in the sitting position and perform twists in both directions. Go gently and slowly and turn first to the right side by placing your left hand on your right knee. Hold the twist for a few breaths and then slowly turn to the left side with the right hand on the left knee.

A slight tilt forward

Stay in the same position with cross-legged, gently lean forward, bring your hands forward, stretch and put them on the bed. This is the best way to relieve tension in the back and neck and you will be able to sleep nicely.

 Longitudinal fold with a straight back

Straighten your legs in front of you slightly bent your knees, and back straight. Grasp the toes of your feet with your hands and pull yourself forward a little, and bend your elbows so that your back remains straight. Make sure that there is no tension in the legs. If you can stretch more you can fully straighten your legs.

Hamstring yoga pose

Sit comfortably and straighten your right leg, grasp your fingers, ankle, shin or under the knee and slowly begin with breathing to pull the leg to the head. Make sure, everything needs to be done carefully and smoothly and don’t push more when your muscles tense or not letting the leg further forward.

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A half-happy child

Bend one leg at the knee, take it by the foot and pull it under your arm, keeping the heels pointed at the ceiling. Do the same with the second leg and have a relaxed body will make you sleep very well.

Twisting legs bent at the knees

Bend the knee of the right leg by keeping a right angle in the knee, twist by pressing the bent knee to the left side of the body. At the same time, the shoulder should remain pressed against the bed, and the left-hand press the right knee to the bed. Also, your right hand is thrown to the side and holds the body in place. Once done, do the same with your left leg for complete relaxation.

Also, at last, you can go with the Shavasana, which is the most relaxed state and help to give you a power sleep. Lie down on your back, your hands on your sides, palms face to the ceiling, and your whole body will completely be relaxed with the very same pose.

So, one should try all these activities for sound sleep which can charge us every day to perform work in the best manner. Also, such activities will calm down the mind; eliminate all the stress, and tension along with the body ache if you have any in your body. So, learn all the best poses, try on your bed and have a sweet sleep always.

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