Stepping into the new world of auditing with Workflow training by Microsoft

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 Microsoft Flow, also known as Power Automate, has become software based on cloud is something that allows the employees for automating the workflows and creating them. They also automate workflows and tasks across different services and applications without taking any help from the developers. After Microsoft Azure happily, announced the completion of an independent set of Cloud Security Alliance and third party ISO audits for expanding their portfolio for certification the ISO 22000 lead auditor certification is easy to get. With Microsoft flow training this certification is easy to get and establish one as a lead auditor. Some of the key skills that make the lead auditor stand out in the crowd are not small ones.

Auditing Skills

People who are trying for ISO 22000 lead auditor certification, must have the organization’s in-depth understanding, the management structure and how they are related to QMS. With Microsoft workflow training the candidate will be prepared to take the interview thrown at him by the senior management initially and will be able to close the audit. They will also be able to provide with the feedback through the QMS.

Management Skills

With Microsoft flow training the candidates can learn the basic and advanced management skills. They are also taught to manage the external ISO consultants of the organization in the presence of a QMS audit. The consultant, being the third party advises the organization on the operational and implementation aspects of the QMS. Following the Auditing Practices Group ISO 9001, the consultants are looked after by the lead auditor to ensure the audit is not compromised.

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For ISO 22000 lead auditor certification the candidate must understand the application of ISO principles, techniques and procedures for the auditing management system of  9002 quality. The auditors must be RAB/QSA certified on the basis of NQA.USA, ISO 9001. The quality should be maintained of the highest degree for quality assurance certification for a particular industry, like automobile, aerospace and even manufacturing. The minimum number of years is not defined before becoming a lead auditor.


For becoming a lead auditor, it is important for the candidate must pass the exam of Certified ISO 9001 Lead Auditor. RAB/QSA is the examination body. The exam is supposed to cover seven domains of competence, including QMS, principles of quality, preparation, conduct, auditing concepts and the closing and management of an ISO 9001 audit. Basically, the candidates train themselves as they are not provided with any mandatory training course. The duration of the exam is three hours and is in the form of an essay.

Microsoft Azure has always lead the industry with comprehensive coverage of the compliance that enables the customer to meet a large extent of regulatory obligations. They also support the audit programs for the company to lead them in-depth and coverage specific to ISO the are usefully exponential to the global customers. This provides the informational baseline for security purposes. With the Microsoft workflow training program, they are surely stepping into the new world of audit.


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