How to choose the best law college in Dehradun?


Most nations hold high regard for lawyers. They are the most admired bunch of professionals in society. As legal professionals study, develop, and apply law and policies, people respect them as they have unrestricted authority to defend and assist the nation’s populace. A day in the life of a lawyer involves monitoring legal risk documentation, guiding the acceptable assumption of risk, interpreting laws, conducting research, and analysing legal problems. Thus, legal professionals must possess in-depth knowledge of legal matters, policies, and case studies. Besides, a deep understanding of contemporary business, politics, ethics, morality, and sociology is imperative to succeed as a legal professional.

That’s why a law school plays a significant role in imparting legal education to prospective lawyers. When planning to pursue law, students must consider some unavoidable factors for better legal knowledge and professional expertise. Interested students can consider the best law college in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, to become professionals who are well-versed in the language of the law. Read on to explore the factors you must keep in mind while choosing the best college in Dehradun.

Things you need to consider when choosing a law school in Dehradun

A lot of things come to play when choosing a law school. Here are the top factors that must be at the top of your list when deciding:

  • Accreditation and ranking

Accreditations and ranking add value to your career. They also boost the weightage of your resume when applying for jobs. Many universities in India offer law programmes, but some top educational institutes in Dehradun boast full credentials. In fact, some law universities in India have also received 5-star for various parameters by globally acclaimed QS Rating. So, consider applying to law universities with UGC and AIU accreditation. 

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  • Seasoned tutors

Law students learn to conduct research and analyse legal problems during their studies. In addition, the course also focuses on equipping students with written and verbal skills. They learn to present facts, argue, and file legal documents. Thus, choose the university that has leading specialists in their respective subjects. Academic experts play a significant role in nurturing students to become empathetic and legally literate professionals.

  • Range of specialisations

In India, a law course is offered in various areas, such as criminal law, cyber law, business law, labour law, intellectual property law, and financial and securities law. It would be best if you considered a law school that offers accredited law programmes in different areas. Pursuing law in a college that offers various specialisations helps forge links with like-minded people and holistic development.

  • Moot court setup

A law school gives experience in mooting. So, choose a university with a moot court to train you for the legal landscape. Co-curricular activities in law schools like moot court competitions allow students to draft memorials, prepare written submissions, and participate in an oral argument.

Consider these crucial factors to make a sound decision for your career in law. Browse law schools in Dehradun to enrol in the course. Hurry up!


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