Types Of Coloured Contacts


Colored Contacts come in many varieties so you can pick out your exact requirements to create your dream eye color. At ColouredContacts.com you can filter by color, prescription strength (including non prescription), duration, measurements, material, and more.

It is important to make sure the lenses you select match the measurements you require but the most exciting choice is the color of your lenses. Check out the list below for a taster or some of the types of colored contacts you could choose from the Coloured Contacts inventory. With 100s of designs available, there really are coloured contact lenses for every occasion. 

Halloween Colored Contacts

Colored Contacts are the most popular at Halloween because they give the look of something other-worldly – perfect for all kinds of terrifying creatures! Whether you want to transform into a zombie, witch, werewolf, ghost, or any number of popular horror movie characters, there’s a pair of Halloween Colored Contacts for that! 

Halloween contact lenses are great for adding to your Haunted House costume if you are a scare actor or for your Halloween party fancy dress to help you win first prize. Thanks to platforms such as Instagram, SFX makeup is becoming increasingly popular with techniques and tutorials being shared to help you achieve impressive costumes. Thousands of influencers are using Halloween lenses to complete their transformations so their eyes can match their freaky makeup.

Cosplay Colored Contacts

Cosplay may be attributed as the original source of the rise in popularity of colored contact lenses. The ultimate way to complete your cosplay is to add a pair of cosplay colored contacts to match your character. In cosplay, attention to detail is the key to success so finding the perfect pair of cosplay lenses can help you to transform your eyes into a kawaii anime style or an unusual Naruto eye. Of course, cosplay expands into many other areas of popular culture so you will also find styles such as Hulk Lenses and Ice Walker Contacts to complete all kinds of movie and TV character cosplay.

Natural Colored Contacts

There are so many different types of natural colored contacts it can be difficult to know where to start so here’s a quick breakdown of some of the styles you could wear every day or for special occasions:

  • For Dark Eyes: If you have a dark eye color, make sure to check that your natural lenses are suitable for dark eyes to get maximum coverage of your iris. The natural contact lenses for dark eyes feature vibrant yet realistic designs that are highly pigmented. Check the description on each product to find out which lenses are best for dark eyes.
  • Circle Lenses: This popular style of lenses originated from anime but is now designed to enhance your natural eye color for a wide-eyed kawaii look. While some types of circle lenses get bad press for the potential dangers, at Coloured Contacts, circle lenses are regular sized colored contacts with a dark limbal ring to give the illusion of added depth and diameter.
  • Enhancing Lenses: These lenses will blend with your natural eye color to give an extra colour boost but won’t cover your iris fully. Make sure to choose a color that is similar to your own for the best results from enhancing lenses.
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For some, the aim with natural contacts is for them to look as realistic as possible while others prefer an enhanced and vibrant look that draws attention to the eyes.

Prescription Coloured Contacts

On some colored contacts websites, you can choose your prescription strength as well as select from a wide range of non prescription lenses. At Coloured Contacts, you can select your prescription strength or try out toric lenses for astigmatism so even more people can experience the fun of changing their eye color.

Durations Of Colored Contact Lenses

As well as selecting the color and design of your colored contact lenses, you can choose the duration. Single use daily colored contacts offer a hassle-free experience and are the most lightweight and thin of all the soft colored contact lenses. However, if you have found a style that you love then reusable lenses such as 30 day or 90 day lenses are great for saving money and enjoying your lenses for longer. That’s even more cosplay opportunities, SFX costume ideas or everyday color switches!

Remember, with every duration of colored contacts it is important to soak your lenses in fresh solution for at least two hours before wearing your lenses for best comfort. 

Colored contact lenses can be broken down into so many types so this is a very broad taster of the styles you can find at Coloured Contacts. They can be split even further into types of contact lenses such as specialised character lenses, different natural colors, and unusual Halloween effects such as Blind Effect or UV.


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