How Can We Tell Children the Importance of the Children’s Church?

Ruby Park, 11, (2nd L) listens to Pope Francis celebrating the Canonization Mass for Friar Junipero Serra in Washington on a television screen in Los Angeles, California, United States, September 23, 2015. (Photo by Lucy Nicholson/Reuters)

Before we tell children the importance of the children’s Church, how do we even define what the children’s Church is? Is it important? How do we define it? How do we make it easy for children to understand the concept and ideology behind the children’s church? 

It often gets difficult for adults and parents to tell children what the children’s church is and its importance. We are often at a loss of words to explain the concept behind the importance of children attending. To explain to children what children’s church is, we need to understand it ourselves first to ensure they know what we’re trying to explain. What exactly is the children’s ministry, and how do we explain it to children? 

What is a Children’s Church?

The children’s ministry is a process through which children connect with Jesus and strengthen their faith in Christianity. They attend church, learn about their religion, and express their love and devotion for Jesus through different activities in this Ministry of children. This process usually begins when we explain to our children the religious doctrine and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We invite them to be a part of this doctrine and implement it in their lives to become good people — strengthening their beliefs and becoming more attracted to the religion. 

How do children benefit from going to children’s church?

Now comes the important question. What is the goal of the children’s church, and why is it necessary for children? Now that we understand what the children’s church is, we must evaluate its importance. The children’s church is a process through which children learn about the word of God and understand the meaning of their religion. They get close to their religion and learn about their beliefs.


When we tell children who Jesus was, what he did in life, and the miracles he brought forward, we enable children to have faith in Jesus and in Christianity overall, which helps in strengthening their belief system and rationality. 

Children’s church enables children to have an open mind and acceptance towards religion from a very young age and grow with religion. It helps children form their ideologies and thinking processes, which help them grow and become better human beings and adults. 


Children’s church helps in making sense of life. There are several different phases that children go through during their life; for example, they hit puberty, they have some teenage drama to deal with, university applications, and jobs in their twenties. So with all of these things, it often gets difficult for children to process everything and make sense of everything while they’re growing. The children’s church helps them make sense of things and enables them to think things out and see things the way they are.

Functioning in a society where there can be a lot of bad influences in the world, such as social media and access to the Internet — attending the children’s church can help children stay grounded and balance the world and religion together. It’s a chance where children can make themselves strong and learn how to avoid the bad influences the world can have on them.


When children grow up in an environment where they have to go to church from an early age, they will adapt to the habit of attending church regularly. When they become adults, they will still be interested in worship and devotion. It is easier and more acceptable for these children to follow their religion freely in adulthood.


Children’s churches give opportunities to children to make new friends and interact with them frequently. Children can communicate about their religion and talk freely about it with their peer groups. These churches also allow children to have a space to have a safe space to talk to adult volunteers if something is troubling them. Children get the confidence to talk about things they are uncomfortable with or unsure about with adult volunteers and clear out their queries.

Children also get special memories in children’s churches that they may not make in any other place. It is a special growing age for children exposed to an environment that helps them grow positively and make them better people.

Attending the children’s church can be very beneficial for them as it helps them grow and progress. Children can make their belief system strong and develop traits such as patience and kindness, which helps them in the long run. The children’s church can groom themselves and make personal growth while learning the critical values of living a good life.

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