About pikes and how to catch them and with what fishing lures


If it weren’t for the salmon boom, when a lot of salmon and sea trout try to seduce just shiny ones, the said lure would probably become a very big rarity in fishermen’s baits. Interestingly, the gateway is itself a man-made artificial bait itself and has been confirmed by archaeological excavations. Fishing lures tend to vary due to their nature.

Its form, other parameters (if it can be expressed) have not changed since prehistoric times. Of course, even such a “conservative” lure is perfected over time, with small gates, colored, various shapes, but in general – it remained the same as it was thousands of years ago.


Fishing lures more in-depth

I have always said and will say that fish learn, the usual baits often offered at home, and begin to ignore them. According to such theories, gates should be very flattering lures.

Strange, paradoxical, but this did not happen and predators are almost always tempted by “flat irons” these days. It would turn out that I contradict myself. Although I have found an excuse – I have mentioned when there has been less and less spinning these days.

Fish, on the other hand, is not equal to fish. Some of them (perch, sharks, lettuce) are more responsive to artificial baits with their eyes, others (pike, catfish) trust their lateral line. 

Since I’m just going to write about pike, I need to emphasize the fact that spiny dogfish don’t think much about it at all, because they are predators. He jumped out from behind a bit and grabbed what was floating next to him, what with his vibrations reminds the victim. Wrapped up, then decides to swallow or spit. 

Until he spits – the fisherman managed to fall and the catch was already his. Or he didn’t manage … And next time he doesn’t need it, because he grabbed it so sharply, with such excitement that the pike itself and the tee were caught.


About pike and gates 

Not only those ancient people used gates to fish. I also once learned to spin with those glosses. Therefore, after half a year of fishing, I can say that the best hake fishing these days is in May-June and September-October. 

Why this is so – I won’t talk much, because I can “run to the meadow” with my conclusions or extend the article indefinitely, but the fact is that in very warm and very cold water, the gate will not be the very page that the pike lures. But I will say a couple of thoughts briefly.

Water-rich vegetation, such as heavy baits such as tumbling glosses, which are already prone to falling into all sorts of things with their hooks, will get stuck in the grass. 

Especially when the water level has dropped (here it touches more rivers, shallow water bodies). There are special “herbaceous” models with hidden single-pronged hooks, but that would be a separate language, and I don’t like fishing with such glosses.

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In cool water, the pike is attracted to the depths. It is then difficult to offer gloss to predators because gates can be fished to a certain limited depth. Sure, some have mastered even the jig technique of gloss, but this is already “high pilot”.

However, these baits, like all others, have their advantages. “Let’s say,” “catching gates, for example, catches big pike if I countless the average weight of all the sharks caught during the season.” Of course, I mean spinning from the shore, because when towing at great depths, flipping glitters won’t work. 

However, in rivers where depth can be found up to 3 m, one can boldly try to pull the boat gate afterward, and sometimes this is not a positive result. More than once I tried big and heavy glitter of this type in the Nemunas, Nery and to the surprise of my colleagues, I caught many pikes. 

True, I caught it very reluctantly and I tried these baits only when the wobblers were not tempted by the sharps, but the fact remained the fact. Although now, when I think about it, once our grandparents didn’t have motorboats, they towed with oars and then pulled the boat not wobblers, but just gates. 


Catch more efficiently with fishing lures

And caught … Well, but then there were fish, you say. There are her and now somewhere else, only the patience of those fishermen is greater and they have more knowledge of the behavior of the fish, and modern fishermen lack these conditions.

One friend once said, “I was very fascinated with salad fishing at the time and in such seasons I was focused on catching these predators.” Spinning through the salad gates, even in the ravines, I was sometimes tempted by quite a decent-sized pike (who said there that there were no sharps in the stream?). 

When I fished for swords with wobblers for them, i.e. y. usually shallow dives, spiny rays attacked these baits very rarely and this is not at all surprising. But when catching shiny fish, I caught pike. 

This trend can be explained very simply: since the island is the most important when I landed, with sheds thrown away, slowing their pull, such bait hair is also deeper than specialized wobblers and pike in the bottom zone but did not resist the temptation of the gate. 


In conclusion

While there is another factor as to why in the fast flow gloss can even be a very good lure for pike, but about that in the next article. More about pikes and fishing lures on Duohook.ie.


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