Most Popular Dress Material For Indian Wear


Traditional clothes are the speciality of India. Indian women have several varieties in formal outfits. They have an option to wear kurtis, gowns, salwar kameez and sarees at special occasions, festivals and weddings. The outfits are made in different fabrics having some qualities and benefits. Some light weight fabrics like chiffon, cotton and georgette are worn on a daily basis. Heavy fabrics like velvet, silk and satin are used for making heavy dresses. Which 

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1. Silk

This is a very soft, shiny and has a flowing appeal. It is made from the larvae of mulberry silkworms and other insects. The attire made from this fabric has intricate patterns and designs that are first drawn on the paper and then printed on the fabric. It is the material that is widely consumed as well as produced in India. Outfits made from this fabric are worn on special occasions, weddings and functions. Sarees made up of this fabric are very attractive and it is difficult to take your eyes off of that attire.

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2. Cotton

It is a fabric that is very soft and fluffy. It is a pure cellulose fabric made from cotton plants that grow under natural conditions. It is one of the highly used fabrics that is oftenly spun in threads and yarns making a soft and breathable fabric. The fabric is usually found in bright and vibrant colors. The designs and prints that they have are very adoring and beautiful. They include digital prints, geometric prints, animal prints and some other traditional prints that make the outfit look more gorgeous. 

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3. Chiffon

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It is a translucent fabric that is woven with highly twisted yarns and made from silk. Nowadays it is also made from some synthetic fibres like nylon, rayon and polyester. It is a balanced plain woven sheer fabric that is light in weight and gives the attire a playful appeal. It is very commonly used in making formal and traditional attire. It is a very smooth and flowy fabric that is suitable for every climatic condition.

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4. Velvet

This is a soft and fluffy fabric that is available in the darkest color. It is a tufted fabric in which cut threads are evenly distributed with a short dense pile giving it a distinctive soft feel. They are made from either synthetic or natural fibres such as rayon, silk, cotton, polyester, nylon and many more. It is best known for its softness and high cost of production. Intricate designs made from colourful threads on this fabric makes the outfit look more ravishing.

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5. Georgette

It is a dull finished crepe fabric that is sheer and light in weight. It was named after a French dressmaker Georgette De La Plante. The fabric is originally made from silk with highly twisted yarns. It is similar to chiffon and has some same qualities like chiffon. The fabric is suitable for every weather and is also preferred in hot climates as it keeps the wearer cool and fresh. It has the ability to control moisture.  

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