Debt Restructuring: An effective tool to fix cash flow issues


Let’s face it! Running a small business is not at all easy because of the numerous challenges that can often be over whelming. As the owner, you will have to wear multiple hats and take care of all the tasks within the limitation of resources. Financial challenges will keep on coming now and then that can make it really difficult to manage the cash flow.

It is true that not all entrepreneurs go with bootstrapping technique to start their business. A good number of them take funds from an external source to manage the start-up cost. With the burden of debt, taking care of all business requirements can be really hectic. 

However, there are certain ways to get rid of it and debt restructuring is one fine example. Now, let us understand this concept with much more clarity.

What exactly is debt restructuring?

Debt restructuring is a financial process through which any business whether small or big can solve its cash problem issues by reducing the legal debts. This can be a golden opportunity for the business on the brink of insolvency to recover from high debts.

Thus, going for restructuring methods means that you get to adjust the payment procedure of the debt you owe. Also, this might include other major debt-related factors like:

  • Adjusting the rate of interest
  • Changing the payment term

So, any businesses who are struggling with their debt and don’t have enough liquidity to run the operations, restructuring could be a great idea. Now, let us talk about its benefits.

What are the main benefits of debt restructuring?

Restructuring debts is not a rocket science which is difficult to understand. It basically helps in modifying the bill payments which could be of anything such as multiple loans from different lenders, marketing expenses, and business budget.

Dealing with all of them simultaneously can be a big task, especially for young entrepreneurs who have just started their company. This is where debt restructuring can help you in various ways of which we have highlighted the major ones that you should know.

  • Consolidating the previous debts

One of the biggest benefits of going with the restructuring method is that it can help you get rid of past debts easily.  Making multiple payments every month can be difficult to manage and missing any one of these could affect the business credit. Now, with restructuring, you will get to merge all the debts into one complete debt and pay only one large instalment.

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Well, it will be much simpler as instead of various payments, you will have to just take care of a single payment and will be lesser time-consuming.

  • Lower interest rates

It is possible that all the loans that your business has taken might have interest rates that could put too much pressure on the business. Now going with restructuring means that you will only have to pay a single debt and chances will be fair that you need to pay a lesser interest rate.

And if you are just a start-up or a home-based business and need additional funds all of a sudden, then you can go for any short term funds from a reliable lender. You can go with guaranteed payday loans for bad credit but make sure to make the repayment within time to avoid any hefty fee as a penalty.

  • Boost liquidity

If you are taken multiple debts for the business, then you might run out of cash while making the repayment. Well, this could create great trouble as there would be a shortage of cash to run other business-related tasks. Even, if you are running a small business, it is important to keep enough money in the account.

Equity and assets will not be going to help you all the time. The restructuring will give you the benefit of staying in liquidity and keep cash for other purposes and thus giving you a golden opportunity to grow.

Things to keep in mind when going for debt restructuring

There are many businesses that just sink down or struggle due to debt issues. Thus, when you are implementing restructuring, make sure to implement in the right way and ensure that it helps you fix the problem you are facing. Here are the few suggestions that you need to keep in mind:

  • Address the issue
  • Providing honest and genuine evidence to the creditor
  • Proper planning
  • Hire a reputed firm for the work

By far, you must have well-understood all about restructuring and what you need to do in order to fix the debt issues faced by your business. The more you will learn about it, the better will be the chances to make the most of it.


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