Ideas to Add Glam to your Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes


Whether you have just started off your cosmetic brand or been in the industry for a while, being creative with your packaging is the key to get instant and lasting attention. The way you display and pitch your makeup and skincare products to the customers say a lot about your business. So take your custom cosmetic boxes as a promising opportunity to create a kickass brand impression. You can use your packaging to define your unique product idea to the shoppers. Being creative with your packaging layout is likely to get your business noticed with a wider target audience. So use your packaging wisely to create hype about your product range and offers. There are a number of box styles and commonly used finishing options for cosmetic packaging. You can pick a layout and get it customized or think about wooing your buyers with something new and invigorating.

Box Styles for Custom Cosmetic Packaging

 Hexagon, pyramid, and lid shaped boxes are commonly used for packaging different kinds of makeup items. Mascaras, lip colors, eye-shadow pallet, bronzers, and similar items are packaged using simple box templates. Window boxes are also popular for displaying nail color collection, lip gloss gift sets and “create that look” makeup range. Based on the kind of cosmetic items you intend to pitch, a style can be chosen for your packaging boxes. For makeup kits, you can use hexagon and other catchy styles and get them customized with your theme and branding details. If you feel confused in making a choice, discuss your thoughts with the printer to get contemporary cosmetic box style options.

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Creative Custom Cosmetic Boxes

Adding a streak of creativity to your cosmetic boxes would make them too hard to ignore for the potential buyers. You can add pictorial details and text on your packaging to add appeal to your packaging boxes. Keep in mind the psychographics of your target customers while designing the artwork and text for your product packaging. Choose a color theme according to your brand’s logo and products’ features. Usually, bold and bright colors are preferred for cosmetic boxes but you can pick a light color theme depending on your product range. For party makeup choose a relatable theme, same goes for other cosmetic collection.

Celebrity Endorsed Custom Cosmetic Packaging Boxes

All the top makeup brands have popular celebs as their ambassadors. This strengthens the image and credibility of a cosmetic brand. You can choose an influencer or celebrity for your packaging and have their initials or a one-liner about your products printed on custom cosmetic packaging. You can even have a certain lip color or eye-makeup range named after a celeb. The packaging for such collection should have a picture and testimonial of the celeb wearing your makeup.

Multipurpose Cosmetic Boxes

Another smart way to add glam to your cosmetic boxes is making them multi-purpose. You can have your packaging designed in a way that it can be used as a cosmetic travel bag or more. Add utility and value to your custom packaging, this will make your product instantly likable with the customers.

Evaluate different design and finishing options for cosmetic boxes wholesale before making a preference. You can revamp your existing artwork and customizations into something amazing and distinctive.


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