Eye-Opening Writing Secrets For Great Authors


Every great author you meet has suffered from a time when he was depressed sitting inside of y=his room thinking of ways to get out and shine bright. It’s not wrong to feel down but to keep letting your drown is the worst thing. There are some secrets that can help you take charge of yourinsecurities and spin them around, bringingimprovising in yourwriting career.The guide below mentioned a list of tricks and secretes to help you become the best author.

Make a Draft

Have you seen a painter, the way he draws? He never simply starts throwing shades without knowing which path to follow or how to create an image. He always creates a rough pencil sketch and then begin painting or sketching it. Similarly, you being a writer have to create s proper strategy and compose a draft for your content. You need to simply write freely and see where your thoughts can lead. It is applied even when you plan to create a Wikipedia article.

The first draft of everything is shit. -Ernest Hemingway

Therefore, your first attempt may not be the best one, but you need to learn how to find the perfect way to channel your creativity.

Avoid Stuffing Jargons

Never complicate matters for your readers. You need to handle your readers like some distracted kid how has to learn more but is so much occupied with a distraction that it is getting harder for him to concentrate. You have to avoid using tricky phrases and jargons in your content. It will make it difficult for your readers to keep themselves engaged. As the technical terms will start to appear, they will get more distracted and will prefer looking for some other resources.

“Never use jargon words like conceptualize, demassification…”- David Ogilvy

Formation and Appeal

Any idea can look and sound good if presented nicely. You know you have the creative skills to compose content on any subject or idea but you do not have the power to make it look appealing. This is the biggest drawback of many authors, nowadays. They like to write straight content but the target audience has become so prone to distraction, that they wish to be entertained every second. They demand their authors to pay more attention to how to please the readers. Hence, you need to make sure that what you compose is well formatted and has an engaging flair to captivate the readers.

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Be Patient

The famous author George Orwell once stated about the struggle of book writing that, “Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout with some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one was not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.” Keeping this in mind, whether it’s about a book or any piece of content, you have to be relaxed and patient enough to look for the best ways to gather resources for generating beneficial outcomes.

Check Your Content Wisely

To be sure about your content you must re-check it before uploading. If you have taken the time out to compose it, you must have the determination to proofread it consciously as well. It’s difficult to find out your own mistakes but it is possible if you pay attention and compose your task with complete focus. You will tend to make lesser mistakes and it will become easier to generate profitable outcomes. Moreover, you can check it in the online tools as well. Tools like Grammarly can help you in finding proper loopholes in your content.

Wrap Up

Being an author is a tough thing. You have to learn how to make a smooth flow of your thoughts and become able to deliver your idea efficiently. But if you try harder you can achieve whatever you want. So, stay motivated!


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