What is business Definition?


What are good business ideas?

Definition: Good business ideas are conceptual approaches for new entrepreneurial activities that are aimed at creating real benefits for selected target groups by solving problems or satisfying needs. Innovative technological ideas that are scalable by fast-growing startups or disruptive solutions that can create completely new markets are particularly promising.

Good ideas are based on networks

No – exceptionally this is not about franchise! In fact, it is the human brain that consists of more than 100 billion neurons. From their connections, a nervous system arises, the transmission of excitations enables us to grasp our surroundings, make decisions and control our bodies. All thoughts, memories, presumptions and feelings can be scientifically attributed directly to neuronal signals.

The brain’s ability to rewire these synapses and make new connections is called plasticity in neuroscience. Plasticity can be increased through new experiences, environmental experiences or behavior. Contrary to previous assumptions, this property is independent of age. However, physical and mental requirements generally decrease in the course of life, which is why the brain increasingly gets out of practice when it comes to the production of new synapses. This is the reason why revolutionary business ideas are mostly developed by younger people.

It is still unclear whether the brain regions activated in offline mode are more pronounced in particularly creative people due to the nature of the system, or whether they have been trained through frequent daydreams. In any case, your mind goes half-asleep, in the shower or on a monotonous car journey aimlessly on a journey. Suddenly they have a great idea. Sometimes they even get into a flow in which a whole concept – like intoxication – apparently arises by itself.

If the human brain is kept going, the ability to develop new business ideas can also be preserved. Therefore, supposed spinners who constantly develop new business ideas and reject them should be taken seriously. Maybe at some point it will say: Eureka – I found it!

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Important characteristics of good business ideas

But how do you make sure that a business idea is really promising? The following criteria provide the first clues:

  • The business idea should solve a problem (more effectively) or meet a need (better) to simplify or improve the lives of a large number of people.
  • The business idea should be explainable in one sentence. Only if potential customers can immediately understand the benefits will they take a closer look at the offer.
  • The business idea should include attractive prices and be lucrative accordingly. Only if the price is perceived by the target group as coherent, there is willingness to buy.
  • The business idea should be difficult to copy by competitors. It is usually more difficult to maintain a unique selling proposition after entering the market than to create a new one.

Good business ideas for starting your own business usually meet a basic need of the target group such as:

  • Security – fear
  • Vanity – status
  • Convenience – laziness
  • Freedom – adventure
  • Longing – resentment – envy
  • Pleasure – lust
  • Proud – ego

In addition, promising business ideas usually have certain characteristics. So their success can be an existing offer

  • to cheapen
  • to improve,
  • to change,
  • to replace.

While there are good business ideas like sand by the sea, the best business opportunities are scalable. This means business models whose sales can be expanded practically without the use of additional resources. Such business models with an almost unlimited market potential can mainly be found online.

An invention or innovation rarely creates a completely new market. The Blue Ocean strategy shows a promising path to clever business ideas that are not based on competition. The innovations in this strategy concept are based less on technological innovations than on the creative redesign of an overall offer. Note: with a good idea, you can always start and earn money.


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