Where to Shop in Goa after Relocating


Goa is the land of beautiful beaches and golden sand. Not just Indians but also foreigners come here to enjoy a lifestyle that is hard to find anywhere else. It is a treat to all those eyes looking for a break in their monotonous life. If you are getting a chance to move to Goa, then grab it with both hands and make sure you make the best of it. Just make sure you pack and move the essentials rest you can buy there. Goa is a place where you can buy different things and decorate your nest with local items and make it look the best. The bottom line is you don’t have to pack much. Book packers and movers to move your bed and other essential furniture and rest you can buy here.

In case you are looking for places where to get things for your new location then, this piece can help you out. Have a look at some of the shopping areas where you can shop to your hearts’ content and you won’t have to plan a big household shift. Think it over, and check out this list before you relocate to Goa.

List of Shopping Areas in Goa

  • Anjuna beach

Anjuna beach is not just a place to take a walk and enjoy seafood but you will find the flea market here quite handy. This is the place where you can find stalls lined parallelly at cheaper rates. You will want to take note that the flea market at Anjuna Beach is held every Wednesday. From Kashmiri stalls to coffee shops by the sea, you can get them all. Walk around the flea market and enjoy the picturesque background.

Visiting this place, you may want to keep your day off and get your mat and sunscreen ready. The weather and the atmosphere in this part of Goa are so infectious that you would want to spend more time here. The locality has some good properties as well. If you want you can check it out here so that you stay closer to the market. Coming here you will find great street food especially freshly caught seafood, and teenagers can be seen enjoying the place. You will experience Goa ‘Susegad’ to its fullest here.

  • Panjim Market

As you know that the capital of Goa attracts tourists first and for that reason, it has developed into a fast-forward market. It is famous for the name Panjim New Market and has been long since the shoppers’ paradise. Whatever you are looking for if you don’t get it anywhere else, you will surely get them here. Well-organized, systematic, exotic shopping menu, you will find it all here. From casual clothes, and fancy footwear, to spices, and handbags, you can check out much more here.

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Staying in Panjim, you can visit the market for fresh fruits, vegetables, groceries, etc. This place is also known to supply fresh cashews, port wine, curry paste, spices, and much more. You can treat it as a day off if you pass by.

  • Mackie’s Saturday Night Bazaar

After work, want to unwind somewhere, then Mackie’s Night Bazaar is where you want to be. This place is open on Saturday night and trusts this place to give you everything that you want. The market is loaded with options and one can find anything under the moon.

Meanwhile, while you are shopping; you can enjoy the colorful nightlife that goes on till 3 am in the morning. Grab some of the home décor, fancy items, souvenirs, and clothes at good rates. Lazy around the place and get refreshed with the lively spirit here.

  • MMC market

Located in Margao, the MMC market is one of the hot spots that you should add to your shopping list. Especially if you are staying in South Goa. This is one of the best weekend destinations for those who want to spend time with their loved ones. It is popularly known as the Gandhi Market and experiences bustling crowds.

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When you visit this place, you can notice people not just from different parts of the country but also from the world flocking here. This basically appeals to one’s sense of adventure. Shop till you drop flat and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of this place.


If you have got an opportunity to shift to Goa, then that will be best. Just shift there and enjoy susegad to the fullest. In case you haven’t got any jobs coming up, move up here. All you need to do is hire packers and movers while booking a rental through different portals. You will be ready there. People from all over the place come here to relax and they find it quite a change here for themselves.

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