Top Destinations For 2022 For All Kinds of Budgets


Are you ready to head on your next big trip? With new policies being set in place and borders around the world continuing to open up, you might be confused about where you should travel to next. Discover the top travel destinations for 2022, with vacation packages courtesy of Indus Travels, which are suitable for all kinds of budgets — especially if you are looking for incredible deals!

Iceland is undoubtedly one of the top travel destinations for 2022. There is no better place to see the beauty and magic of the Northern Lights than this Nordic country, where breathtaking colors take over the skies and put on magical light displays for visitors to see (September through March). For a very affordable price, you can get a taste of Iceland with a trip to Reykjavik, the northernmost capital of the world, or head on the ultimate Icelandic adventure with a luxury cruise on board the Ocean Diamond!

UAE and the Maldives
If you are looking to head on a luxury vacation, a trip to Dubai and the Maldives might be the perfect option for you. Lay back and relax on some of the most beautiful white-sand beaches in the world and swim in the clearest ocean waters on the planet. Mix this with a drive through the mysterious dunes of the Arabian Desert and a ride on a traditional Abra boat for a trip that combines relaxation with adventure. Alternatively, if you are on a budget, you can spend a week in Dubai for an affordable price or head on a discounted trip to the Maldives with Indus Travels!

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Home to ancient artefacts, world wonders, and the longest river on the planet, Egypt is one of the best places to travel to in 2022. Between famous sites such as the ancient Mummy Room, the Valley of the Kings, and the Great Pyramids, history buffs will be mesmerized by the wide range of sites which are waiting to be explored. You can travel around the country with a small-group tour of Egypt or save money with a trip to Cairo!

South Africa
Between the historic sites of Johannesburg, the beautiful beaches of Cape Town, and the exotic wildlife of Kruger National Park, South Africa is the perfect destination for all types of travelers. History buffs, nature fanatics, and wildlife lovers will fall in love with the beauty of South Africa while traveling from city to city. If you are a luxury traveler, you can head on the ultimate African Odyssey Safari to see some of the most beautiful landscapes and famous cities in Africa in search of the Big Five. Alternatively, if you are on a tight budget, you can head on a quick trip to South Africa’s spectacular southern tip.


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