Best Amazon Prime Movies To Watch Right Now 2020 | Best Movies On Amazon Prime India


Amazon Prime allows you to access numbers of blockbusters Bollywood as well as international movies and shows which you can enjoy anywhere, anytime with HD quality. Over 100 million people globally are using Amazon Prime and found it worthy as you have the best movies On Amazon Prime India on a go with easy access. Amazon Prime movies lighten up your mood as it is full of latest as well as evergreen shows and movies.

Amazon Prime members avail numbers of perks which includes music and an unending list of best Amazon Prime movies of all time. Amazon Prime is streaming unlimited movies and TV shows which are free for 30 days (trial period).

Best Amazon Prime Movies To Watch Right Now 2020

Amazon Prime provides a platform for new talents such as writers, directors, singers, and technicians as it contains short films and documentaries too. “Seasons of the sea, leeches, I am and brain damage: the truth about trauma” is the short films got realized exclusively on Amazon Prime.

Either old or new, action or romance, be it comedy or tragedy you will find movies of all genres here. Amazon Prime is a box full of movies and TV series out of all, here is the list of 10 best movies On Amazon Prime India you should watch in 2020.

Best Amazon Prime movies to watch right now 2020:

1. Ever Green

Old is gold, you can enjoy these best movies on Amazon Prime India of all times anywhere, anytime with your family and friends. These movies will through you back in your memories of your golden era. Here is the list of few ever green light movies for you to enjoy:

  • Andaz Apna Apna- Andaz apna apna is an all-time favorite comedy flick. It is a funny story of two middle-class boys who try to compete to win a millionaire’s daughter.
  • Hera Pheri- It is a light comedy film, you can enjoy with your family. It is a plot revolving around a trio consisting of an old kind-hearted man, a loafer, and a struggling pauper.
  • The Intern- A light heart comedy of a genuine old man who is not ready for retirement and applies for a new assignment to become a senior intern at an online fashion site.
  • Choti Si Baat- Choti si Baat is a story of a timid young guy who has fallen in love with a girl but too afraid to tell her. Things in his life take a turn when another man tries to approach the girl.
  • Jab We Met- A light comedy and romantic story of a bubbly girl and a serious guy who falls in love with each other while the girl is dating another guy too.

2. Latest and Bright

Old is gold but new is the view of today’s era which is equally important. These are the best movies on Amazon Prime India that will tell you more about day-to-day life while lightening up your mood.  One should not miss these latest movies especially when you are Amazon Prime member.

  • Gulao-Sitabo- Gulabo-Sitabo is a light comedy family film. It’s a story of two-man stuck up in-game of one-up-man. Based on the popular moral story of two cats and a monkey.
  • Shubh mangal zada savdhan- This story is fully loaded with fun and laughter. Shubh-Mangal Zada savdhan reveals the truth about our society on LSGBT.
  • Jawani deewani (2020) – This movie is a story of 40 years old womanizer staying in London. Everything changes when a young lady enters his life claiming to be his daughter.
  • Fantasy Island- Fantasy Island is a horror film for kids. It has taken old school genie stories to a new level. The movie is full of eye-roll moments. 
  • Bad boys for life- Bad boys’ movie is the 3rd part of an action film series. The bad boys’ Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are back in action after 25 years. 
Best Amazon Prime Movies To Watch Right Now 2020

3. Family Night

A family laughs together is a family stays together forever. Sitting and enjoying together completes the family and brings happiness. These are the light movies the whole family can enjoy. From kids to grandparents can get involved and spent good time together making memories for a lifetime.

  • The pursuit of Happyness- It is a light family film, explains a men’s struggle, sacrifices, and for his child.  Father-son relation explaining the movie has cast Will Smith with his own son.
  • Newton- is a story of a government servant who has been sent to a politically sensitive area for Election Day. He managed to do a brilliant despite various obstacles.
  • Notebook- Notebook is a family film as this story represents how a soldier falls in love with a writer by reading books while switched his job.
  • Chef- This story is based on a chef, who has started a food truck after being fired from his reputed job. In the end, he finds himself closer to his family.
  • Catch me if you can- Catch me if you can is a 2002 American biographical crime drama film. It is a story of how a con- artist faked over 8 identities.
Best Amazon Prime Movies To Watch Right Now 2020

4. Animation is Love for Young Hearts

Best Amazon Prime movies for all for every age group are here. Learn from these movies while enjoying them within Amazon Prime Movies in.  Animated films are not only for kids, but they play a vital role in their learning stage as kids learn fast through visuals and it creates an everlasting impression on their brains, so we should choose best movies on Amazon Prime India for our kids very wisely.

  • How to train your dragon– it is an animated film any age group can enjoy. It is a story of a boy named Hiccup who had to kill a dragon to mark his passage into manhood and be a part of his tribe. However, he did totally opposite and become friends a dangerous dragon.
  • The Smurfs- All Smurfs excluding father all are said to be 100 years old. There were 99 Smurfs but this number increased as new Smurfs Appeared. Smurfs is a story of a little creature trying to escape from a wizard but got stuck into a vortex that brings them to New York.
  • Madagascar- it is a funny and heart-warming story of four famous (animals) friends who managed to escape the zoo of New York with the help of a penguin and subsequently find themselves in Madagascar.
  • Shrek- It is a non-Disney animated American comedy film based on the fairy tales. It was originally a book from 1990.  It has three sequels.
  • Hotel Transylvania- It is a good introductory monster film for kids. It has nothing to do with horror and scary. No Monster in the film portrait scary.  The story represents the father-daughter relation as a father is concerned for his on turning 118.

5. Sci-fi Trip With Amazon

Lovers of sci-fi films do not live in fiction; they live in a futuristic world. Sci-fi lovers will find the best movies on Amazon Prime India as it contains an exclusive collection of sci-fi movies.

  • Inception- This is a classic masterpiece by Christopher Nolan. Cobb played by Leonardo DiCaprio steals information by entering dreams from its targets. The movie takes unexpected turns regularly.
  • Bumblebee- This action sci-fi is an extension to the famous transformer series. This is a light movie recommended for some good screen time.
  • Transformers – This is an American Sci-fi action film series with five films in its kitty. This series shows some extraordinary technology, effects, and fighting sequences.
  • Interstellar- Directed by Christopher Nolan, this sci-fi shows the future when the earth is not considered to be fit for humans inhabitation, and a team is formed to find a new planet for the human race.
  • Gravity- This sci-fi thriller is a story of an engineer and an astronaut who is on a space mission where they get hit by debris, and they must return to earth on an urgent basis.
Best Amazon Prime Movies To Watch Right Now 2020

6. Love Forever

Any day or dinner can be turned into a romantic moment using amazon prime movies. Spend quality time by watching these movies with your special someone.

  • Ajab prem ki Ghazab Kahani- This is light romantic and comedy film. It is a story of middle class boy who has fallen in love with a girl named Jenny, who is already in love with another man. The boy took several comical situations on himself to help Jenny to get her love.
  • Kal ho na ho- Kal ho na ho is all time favourite love story of a boy who is not accepting his love for the girl (Nania) as he is suffering from a severe heart problem and claimed to be married. He has convinced Naina her love to get married to her good friend.
  • Namste London- It is a light comedy with romance movie. This is a story of a girl who did a fake marriage with an Indian villager to make an escape from India.
  • Notting hill- This flick is a classic romantic comedy. This is a story of middle class book seller falling in love with high profile actress which causes many problems.
  • 50 first date – This is a classic romantic comedy having great star cast. Henry (Adam Sandler) falls in love with Lucy (Drew Barrymore) who is suffering from short term memory loss.

7. Laughter Therapy

Laughter is not just a medicine but a whole therapy for keeping you young forever. Now with best amazon prime movies of all time, you don’t need to find a reason to laugh. Any of these comedy movies will fill you with joy and laughter.

  • Hindi medium- It’s a Bollywood family comedy-drama where parents are keen on getting their daughter admitted to a high profile school.
  • Dictator- Dictator is a dark comedy depicting a brutal dictator traveling to the USA for an important address. The movie takes turns when he gets kidnapped by his uncle.
  • Hangover- This famous comedy is a story of four friends going to Las Vegas to celebrate the bachelor party of one of them named Dug. The next morning three friends wake up with a hangover and realize that Dug is missing.
  • Grown-ups- This is a light comedy movie about childhood friends taking their families to lake-house for the weekend. Series of events happening in this movie is worth watching
  • Angoor- it’s a story of two pairs of identical twins who got separated by an accident. Many years later their path crosses each other causing huge confusion and tragedies.
Best Amazon Prime Movies To Watch Right Now 2020

8. We All Need a Super Hero

Spend your time with your favorite superhero not because it entertains us but also teaches us to help others do our best for the society. Watch these super Heroes and their good deed with amazon prime.

  • Aqua man- Arthur played by Jason Momoa is half-human, a half Atlantean creature with the ability and power to communicate marines. This movie is about his journey and efforts to protect the marine world and retrieve Trident of Atlan.
  • Wonder women- This movie revolves around the life of a princess Diana played by Gal Gadot who ventures into war to stop Ares from destroying the human race.
  • Spider-man Home coming- This action movie is a story of a guy named Peter Parker who is an ordinary high school student but also a superhero who is trying to stop the bad elements from selling mischievous weapons that may be harmful to the mankind.
  • The incredible Hulk- This is the story of DR. Banner who gets transformed into a huge green creature when gets angry. This is a result of high levels of Gama radiation during some experiments.
  • Batman VS Superman– In this action-adventure movie, Batman believes that Superman is against mankind and humanity and hence is considered to be a threat and therefore he tries to defeat him for a lifetime.

9. Mid Night Horror Stories

Horror stories to watch in the dark night. Amazon prime has an undivided collection that will keep you on your feet while giving you thrill and Goosebumps at the same time. Try to avoid watching them alone.

  • Crawl- This is a horror-thriller movie where a girl named Healy gets trapped in a hurricane with her father. They later realize that they got much bigger problems to deal with.
  • The conjuring- This horror-thriller movie revolves around a family moving into a new farmhouse where they experience paranormal activities. They choose to consult demonologist to help them get rid of evilness.
  • Annabelle creation- This movie is a story of a couple who preserves their daughter’s spirit into a doll that turns into a demon. Years later the house is open for a nun and six orphan girls and one of the girls gets into the possession of the doll.
  • It- this horror movie revolves around a clown living in the sewers and targeting small and innocent children.
  • Tumbbad- This movie is an Indian horror film with a story of the search for a hidden treasure in a village named Tumbbad situated in Maharashtra. This movie shows grave consequences when an attempt is made to take the cursed wealth of a monster.

10. Suspense Action and More

While watching these best amazons prime movies you will find yourself into the Hero’s plight from the opening page. Watch these movies to get yourself high to give yourself a much-needed boost.

  • Ocean’s eleven- It’s an action film filled with suspense.  In this movie, a gangster named Danny Ocean assembles a team of eleven people to steal three huge casinos in Las Vegas.
  • Aankhen- it is an Indian suspense story. This movie is based upon a bank Heist done by three blinds in order to protect their friend from a kidnapper. For the first time, Big B has played a dashing negative Anti-hero role.
  • Kaante- This movie inspired by “reservoir dogs”. It is a story of 6 men meet in lock up for their deeds, seeking revenge from the police they planned to the very bank where police’s salaries are being deposited.
  • Humraaz- It is a Bollywood action and suspense film casting Boby Deol, Akshay Khanna, and Amisha Patel.  This story is full of revenge for being betrayed in love. it is originally based on the original Sin an English film from 2001.
  • Sherlock homes- This movie is a story of a detective Sherlock homes and Dr. Watson, his partner, and a serial killer who they thought is dead. They get to know that he is back from the dead and the need to deal with him.
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Here is a list of some of the best movies On Amazon Prime India to watch right now 2020 which includes but not limited to the movies mentioned above.


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