A Guide To All The Types Of Contact Lenses


Contact lenses are a wonderful device to provide complete solution for eye care and facial cosmetics But in order to get the best out of contact lenses you need to get the right contact lenses to suit yourself. You can free yourself form wearing glasses and enjoy the freedom of contact lenses.

Glasses and frames have been around for centuries, but now contact lenses are slowly replacing them. With the use of contact lenses, you can now get rid of the limitation and the restraints of glasses and frames. Your vision increases as it is no longer confined to the size of the frame. Also, you wouldn’t even know you are wearing anything, it would complete freedom. All that said, people are still confused about what type of contact lenses should they wear. Yes, thats right, there are many different types of contact lenses in the market.

There are soft contact lenses and hard contact lenses. Each lens is either made up of silicone hydrogel or hydrogel where silicone hydrogel lenses allow more provison for oxygen. This gives the user more comfort and allows them to wear contact lenses for longer periods. People don’t only buy contact lenses for vision correction, but they are also used for fashion and lifestyle purposes. You can get different colours in contact lenses to enhance your eye colour

Regular corrective contact lenses

Regular contact lenses are only used for correcting all sorts of vision problems.Nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. You can buy contact lenses in daily disposable, weekly and monthly disposable categories.

Daily disposable contact lenses are only used for a day and after that you need to throw them away and wear a fresh new pair every day.

That is why most contact lens users prefer to buy weekly disposable or monthly disposable contact lenses. They can be used for more days and they are usually made of much durable material so that they can last longer.

People are prefer to buy extended contact lenses for vision correction. These contact lenses can be worn for 30+ days and you can wear them continuously without taking them off.

One thing you would need to do is take care for them properly and clean them with a disinfectant solution.

Remember, you would need a prescription from a doctor to get the lens you want to buy for yourself.

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Colour contact lenses

Colour contact lenses or coloured contact lenses are becoming increasingly popular every passing day. These coloured contact lenses are available for prescription and non prescription and also available in toric contact lenses.

Mostly coloured contact lenses are used for fashion and cosmetic purposes. Even people who are prescribed contact lenses for vision correction want coloured lenses so that they do not have to stay behind the fashion game.

Coloured contact lenses are available in daily, weekly and monthly disposable. People usually prefer to buy daily disposable coloured contacts because they do not require to be cleaned after use, you just need to use them once and throw them away. You get a fresh pair every other morning. But people may prefer to buy weekly disposable contacts depending on their preference.

Coloured contact lenses have a colour tint on them that has different designs and patterns that blend in with the natural eye colour. And people are always looking for the best colour that suits their eyes and also for cheap coloured contact lenses that would suit their budget.

There are different types of coloured tints such as the opaque tint that has a solid colour and it covers the iris. With these you can completely change your eye colour. Then you have enhancement tints that have a solid colour, but the lenses are translucent. These lenses add more depth to the eye colour and sharpen the edges. You would need to buy the right colour so that you can enhance your eye colour and look natural.


Toric contact lenses are used to treat astigmatism. People diagnosed with nearsightedness also suffer from some form of astigmatism as their farsightedness is also affected. Astigmatism is a serious vision issue that needs correcting otherwise the patient may start to suffer from head aches and eye strain. The long-term consequences can also be very severe.

Toric lenses provide a very effective remedy for astigmatism. They are easily available in the market and like any other contact lenses they are also available in different disposable categories such as daily, weekly and monthly. Also, you also have the option to buy soft or rigid contact lenses depending on what suits you best. You can get different colours in these contact lenses to enhance your eye colour as well.

Make sure you are caring for your toric contact lenses properly. Clean them with the disinfectant solution after every day use and put them in the storage case safely. Do not go to sleep without taking them of unless they are extended contact lenses.


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