Ergonomics: How to Anticipate Back Pain for Office Workers


Chronic back pain is more common in office employee. People who work in an office are more likely to suffer from chronic back pain than unskilled workers who require physical skills. The position of the body throughout the day contributes most to neck and back pain.

Back pain is a symptom that can be caused by work and accounts for approximately 93 million lost (absent) workdays and $ 5 billion in health care costs each year. In addition, eight in ten people will experience back pain at some point in their lives and one in four Americans will experience back pain in 2012.

Back pain experienced for more than three months can be called chronic. Chronic pain can change brain function, interrupt attention, short-term memory, decision-making and social skills.

In addition, Harvard Medical Center reports that chronic pain causes mood disorders, including depression and anxiety. Other problems, such as difficulty sleeping, loss of coping skills, and damage to relationships with friends, family, and others.

The three symptoms of back pain include: being bent, holding the phone between the neck and shoulders, lack of movement during the work day. There are a few tips that anyone can try to optimize the workspace and reduce back pain, as written by John Carry, a researcher who writes in Psychology Today.

Adjust Tables & Chairs

Dr. Scott, the inventor of workplace health and health solutions, recommends that work spaces be safe, ergonomic and health related, and the recline in the chair eliminates the risk of lower back and stiffens the neck and shoulders. Dr. Erik of San Francisco State University recommends some advice.

First, keep the natural shape of the spine. Office chairs should support the natural shape of the waist slightly curved forward. You can also use a pillow behind the chair to support the waist.

Then adjust the height of the chair so that the position of your feet on the floor and knees is at an exact 90 degree angle. You can also rest your feet on your back, if necessary. Crossing the legs will reduce circulation in the legs and cause varicose veins, which are visible blue veins that appear on the skin.

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Third, place your arms and hands at a 90-degree angle. This will allow the shoulder to rise naturally, which will help straighten the back. May try a gaming chair that offers ergonomic sitting for long hours.

Fourth, adjust the monitor so that the distance is approximately in unison or slightly below the eyes. This will help you sit up straight and reduce the pressure on your neck. Avoid leaning towards the monitor, leaning on a chair, and good lighting, and do not squint when looking at the monitor.

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Personalize the Phone

Many people slide their phones between their heads and shoulders to free their hands while they speak, which causes intense tension between the neck and shoulders.

Use hands-free equipment (headphones) or speakers if you need to speak for more than 5 minutes or when you need to take notes while you are speaking. Shake the phone alternately with your right and left hands while you speak.

Get up and Move

Humans were created to move. Sitting (or even standing) in one position can endanger the health of your body.

Take a short break (micro-breaks), once every hour, you can also use the bathroom or toilet, drink water, check the copier or just a light stretch. Sitting too long can weaken your back muscles. A stretch of approximately 60 seconds is sufficient to compensate for the negative impact. The researchers suggest that at least half of the working hours should be used standing.

Strengthen your muscles with physical exercise, such as yoga, Pilates, or sit-ups to train your abdominal and back muscles, which naturally improves posture and reduces pain. The exercise can be obtained by taking a course or by doing it yourself at home with a guide that was widely distributed at the time.


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