Things to consider before installing laminate flooring


Laminate floors are the most popular choice in the consumer market and offer a variety of surfaces from wood to natural, so you can create amazing look of your room. You can find the best laminate flooring tools from building supplies online. The product is ideal for access passages, hallways and living rooms.


Laminates are robust, scratch-resistant and extremely durable floor surfaces. Building supplies online products are high-quality, protected by a hard outer layer and resin coating. Very suitable for high-traffic areas and houses with pets and children.

Easy to fix

Before tearing down the old floor, make sure you have the tools and materials necessary for the project, as a trip or two to the family center after the start will only result in pressure and delays. When measuring the room to determine its square feet, plan to buy a room that is 10% above the essential price to take into account the wood panels that will be cut for the end fittings.

Adapt to the new floor

The floor shrinks and expands with changes in temperature and humidity. Therefore, you need to start adapting the floor to the room conditions at least a week before installation. Lay the boards flat or stack them in the room where you want to install them. Don’t forget to remove plastic packaging as this promotes air circulation and thus supports the adjustment process.

Prepare your floor

Before performing other operations, please remove and store the molded base products. Then start working on the edge of a wall and start carefully lifting the old floor. When using, please remove nails and staples.

Some laminate floors are sold with pre-bonded foam. Otherwise, you can start with the longest wall and install a separately available pillow. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to form butt edges and seal seams.

Shorten the door frame

Once the padding has been dropped, another preparatory step is required: trim the door frame. To do this, lower a wooden board so that its edges extend along the sides of the door frame. Mark the board and use a hand saw to cut it parallel to the floor to make a cut so the board can be neatly installed under the door frame for a clean, professional look.

Install the floor

Install the planks parallel to the longest wall. Remember that the first board is the most important – it should be placed with its groove facing the wall and flush with the corner of the room. To naturally expand and contract, place half an inch spacers at 12 inch intervals between the panel and the wall. After completing this process, process one board at a time, align the tongue with the groove, and then lightly tap on it to get an accurate feel. permanent and beautiful installation, be sure to move the end connections of adjacent boards.

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Laminate floors are cheaper than traditional hardwood, but there is no shortage of looks and quality. Each price range offers a good selection of laminate floors.


Laminate floors are sold in various wood, stone and tile designs. All of them have different colors, surface treatments, thicknesses and plate styles.

Easy to clean and maintain

The moisture-resistant and dirt-repellent surface of the reinforced floor makes cleaning work easier. No special cleaning agents are required to optimally hold the laminate floor. You have to clean every day!


Since there is no place to collect dust and other particles that are allergic to some people, laminate is a good choice. The pillow provides a moisture barrier that not only protects the floor from damage, but also prevents mold and spores.

Other things to consider:

Laminates are widely used, but not without restrictions. If you consider using laminate for laundry and bathroom, there may be a more serious risk of water leaks. So this is a bad choice. The kitchen is doable, but is not recommended.

Laminates are moisture resistant but not waterproof. The well-sealed, abrasion-resistant layer of the laminate easily withstands the wiping and cleaning effect. However, as soon as the moisture is on the edge, under the surface layer or in the locking system, the floor is damaged by warping and swelling. Only place the shiny new laminate in a place where it does not tolerate much water.

In addition, the laminate is made similar to solid wood. However, they are not real wood. If you want to hear the sound of hardwood under your bare feet, you need to choose thicker and more expensive boards like 12mm or 15mm laminate.


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