What Is The Best Type of Vitamin E?



Today we’re going to talk about the best vitamin E.

and no, I do not have any products to sell you with vitamin E.

you’re going to have to research and find the best vitamin E complex for you.

I want to focus on the type of vitamin E.

The vitamin E complex and in nature of vitamin E always comes in a complex.

Is composed of four tocopherols and four tocotrienols and when I mention the word four.

I’m talking about the four different forms Alpha, Beta, Delta, Gamma.

The type of vitamin E that most people need more of are these right here.


They usually do not need the two cough roles you can very easily get this from the diet.

This one is more difficult to get from the diet; however, let me explain more what these are specifically.

First of all, they’re different than the tocopherols in that they are 5000 times faster at handling free radicals.

Vitamin E, in general, is a lipid antioxidant.

It’s a very powerful one, and one of the main function is the protection of lipids.

So where do you have lipids in your body the cell membrane.

Do you realize that you have 38 trillion cell membranes in your body that need protection.

In fact, every cell has a double lipid layer, and 90% of the thousands of antioxidants in the cell are vitamin E.

Without vitamin E all sorts of things could happen to the cell membranes, the free radical damage and oxidation can damage the cell wall itself and put a hole through it and allow things to go in there.

Yes, it’s important to have any oxidants for your DNA and all the different structures inside the cell, but the lipid membrane is one of the most important things to prevent anything from going into the cell.

So you can look at toke trials as these little antioxidants that are spinning extremely fast like 50 times faster than the tocopherols to clean up and neutralize all this free radical damage depending on your past health and your current health and what condition you have and how much stress you’re under and how much inflammation you have and how many oxidants you’re being exposed to.

If you’re smoker, all these factors contribute to the importance of vitamin E complex.

Vitamin E, especially the tocotrienols, are anti-cancer cardioprotective they’ll give you liver protection and how they can keep inflammation down to prevent cirrhosis and even the fatty liver.

They support the cell membranes of the skin the brain the joints the nervous system.

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Especially the inside of the arteries to prevent the formation of a thrombus or a clot where do you get tocotrienols you can get it from rice which I don’t recommend you can get it from palm oil or you can get it from annatto.

Source of this information: Dr.erec berg.

Vitamin E foods:

Vitamin E is essential for various body functions, including the working of the immune system nervous system and also to give a youthful look to the body.Vitamin E is fat-soluble and has antioxidants in it, which helps in having a young look for a long time.

Number one sunflower:

seeds sunflower seed is high in fibre and serves as good food for having a healthy digestive system.

They have all the goodness of fibre and a good amount of vitamin E present in them.They can be sprinkled on the yoghurt or can be had along with a salad.


almonds are food that packs a good punch of vitamin E in every servingthey can be had as a topping on a dessert, or it can be had roasted as the roasted version of it also tastes goodalternatively, people can also have almond milk which also has all the goodness of almonds


peanuts are an important source of vitamin E they have in them the goodness of proteins.
Nutrients such as vitamins and minerals present in them.

Peanuts are also high in fibre content that helps to maintain a good digestive system.

Some oils:

certain oils have good amounts of vitamin E in them such as olive oil and.
So using these oils as part of the diet or applying them externally helps in providing the body with vitamin E.If you want to make some recipes without oil, I suggest making air fryer recipes like frozen biscuits in the air fryer. You can visit the blog if you want to know more about air fryer recipes.


avocado is a complete pack of all the crucial nutrients they help in providing the body with all the essential nutrients and also with agents that improve the immune system in the body.
They are also high in vitamin E content.


spinach helps in improving the eyesight and also in giving a glowing skin as spinach is high in vitamin E, manganese iron, and other nutrients vitamins B and vitamin K are also found in this leafy green vegetable.

Swiss chard:

it is a complete source of vitamins and nutrients it has vitamin A C the end K along with other nutrients like magnesium which is essential for the body.
It can be had raw or can be served along with the salad.
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