Infections caused by Halloween contact lenses and their treatments


Many times, it is seen that although the Halloween contact lenses enhance your eye looks on trick or treat at night, at the same time, they can also infect your eyes, causing unbearable pain. These pains might temporarily blind you. You might not know about the allergy that caused the infection. So, it is better to get your eyes checked once you have started using lenses for your vision.


If you feel that there is redness in your eyes, swelling in the surrounding area, or you witness any watery or sticky stuff inside your eye, make sure to contact your eye professional immediately. Your optometrist will provide you with the allergy treating eye drops. Not only will you recover from it, but it also helps you knowledge yourself with the right brands to use for your eyes.


Halloween Contact Lenses Side Effects & Treatment

Below are some common infections caused by Halloween contact lenses,


It is one of the most common eye infections caused by either bacteria, fungus, parasite, or virus. In this infection, there is an inflammation of the cornea, where it starts to outgrow the iris. It is caused if you wear your Halloween contact lenses for too long or have worn them overnight. Keratitis has a common symptom where the eyelids start to attach, and it very difficult to open up your eyes.


Also, there is a sensitivity to light. Sometimes, keratitis develops due to the continuous use of corticosteroids. Your eye care professional will provide you with antifungal drops that you won’t be allergic to. Make sure to contact your optometrist immediately.


Two bacteria, named Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus, are the most common type of eye infection-causing bacteria. P. aeruginosa is the type of germ that is readily present on the tips of our fingers. If you directly touch your hand with your eyes, it will enter your eyes, causing an infection like cornea blackhole. It means a hole will start to develop inside your cornea, leaving you permanently blind. Make sure to wash your hands with a disinfectant before applying or taking out your contacts.


  1. aureus is another type of bacteria that is present inside the nose of 1/3rd of the world population. It is tough to treat, and thus it’s crucial to make sure you don’t witness any of such pains.


The fungal infections are primarily because of the transfer of pollen from one eye to another. These infections may occur through bloodstream problems. Fungal infections are caused by a yeast called Candida that lives on the skin of the human. It may not affect the body, but if any combination occurs, they may enter eyes and cause blindness.


Another fungus named Aspergillus causes the eye to develop visionary blurriness to objects, nearby or far away. These can be treated by antifungal eye drops, corneal transplantation, or in very severe conditions, removal of the eye.


Since you are buying from a local market or online stores, these lenses are unprescribed and may lacerate your cornea. Herpes simplex causing virus is present inside the sore throat. Unconscious touch of your finger to the eye after coughing on your hand is one of the most potential hazards to the cornea. It may cause too much swelling inside your eye and in the surrounding areas. It can quickly spread in your eyes, so be careful before you feel any itching in your eyes. Your doctor might suggest you bear the pain until the eyes have fully recovered by washing your eyes with cold water daily.

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A free-living amoeba named Acanthamoeba can cause impaired visions for the user. Halloween contact lenses are all treats until they become the root of extreme eye redness. One of its common origins is water. That is why many optometrists suggest not wearing lenses while swimming or use distilled water for storing contacts. The parasite sits on your cornea and doesn’t let any oxygen inside your eyes. Another reason this infection occurs is because of the transmission of parasites. This transmission might happen from sexual activity or any daycare between children and teachers.



If you start feeling itchiness in your eyes, or your upper and lower eyelids begin to attach through some sticky material, wash your eyes with cold water. Immediately contact your eye care professional.


Halloween contact lenses are made of sturdy material. They may cause a scratch in your eyes. Make sure you buy from well-recognized, and certified FDA cleared brands.

Most of these infections are taken care of by antifungal, antibacterial, antiparasitic, and antiviral eye drops. Do not use any unprescribed ophthalmic solutions. Keratitis is of many types. So, until your eye care professional tells you what kind of infection has occurred in your eye, don’t go buying your choice of solutions.


If you have witnessed the eye pain, you might know how much of a blessing is a normal eye. Once your infection is treated, take precautions and measurements to avoid future difficulties.

Below I have mentioned some ways to prevent them,

  • Wash your hands before and after inserting and taking off your lenses. These lenses are firm, so while taking them off, be careful not to be too quick. It will help you circumvent from scratching.
  • Never sleep with your lenses in your eyes. Hampering this will not only protect your eyes but also give your lenses a little more life than usual.
  • Sanitize your hands. Wash with soap and dry them. Do not rub your eyes if you are out shopping. Slowly remove the substance.
  • Hygiene plays a significant role in averting eye infections. If you have taken off your lenses, store them in the lens case, and tightly close them. Do not put your lens outside for a long time.
  • These lenses are opaque, and any debris might not be easily detectable. Wash them as per the way your optometrist suggested to you. It’s better to throw them a day or two before the expiry date.

Final Thoughts On Halloween Contact Lenses’ Effects

The Halloween contact lenses change your eye color from your standard color. They have a noticeable tint. That’s why many cosmetic fanatics wear them for just pleasure and happiness. Infections caused by these opaque solid lenses can be excruciating and sometimes lead to complete corneal transplants. Be careful!



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