A Sneak Peek into How to Become a Fashion Designer After 12th



When Sabyasachi Mukherjee decided to start his own fashion label store with only Rs. 20,000, little did he know he would go on to become an international fashion icon – with every girl dreaming of a Sabyasachi lehenga at her wedding!

With the fashion industry becoming one of the most competitive professional arenas in the world, one thing is clear: there are tremendous growth opportunities for talented professionals. Do you often dream about creating a big name for yourself in the fashion world? With exceptional skills, professionalism, and unique ideas, you can definitely make a foothold in this industry.

To help you turn your dream into reality, here is a step-by-step guide to becoming a fashion designer.

Step 1: Join a Fashion Designing Course

If you are determined to make a career in fashion, joining a professional course right after the 12th is a wise decision. You can learn everything from the basics to highly skilled techniques in a highly guided environment. Also, a degree in fashion design will help you create a credible image among clients in the early stages of your career.

Step 2: Gain Hands-on Experience

While the theory is essential to learn from the experiences of others, hands-on practices help you create your own experiences. A fashion designing course that teaches technical tools, social media applications, and exposure to live industry projects should be your go-to choice. 

And once you master the technical skills, you can join the industry by taking up internships with big industry names like Rohit Bal and Manish Malhotra. It will create a strong foundation for your career and make your entry into the fashion world a seamless experience.

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Step 3: Learn the Business of Fashion 

Complement your design skills with business capabilities. This will open a whole new world of opportunities for you. You can take up roles in branding and consulting in reputed fashion labels or become a fashion entrepreneur. For fashion designers, learning what goes on behind the scenes of a fashion brand also helps them create more captivating designs that are sure to take the fashion industry up by the storm. 

Step 4: Create an Exceptional Portfolio

Having the imagination and the creative skills will help, but what fashion brands want to see is you breathing life to designs in your portfolio. Initially, the portfolio will be the window into your skills for any recruiter or client. Show off your creative sensibilities and unique ideas in this space. Once you have an impressive portfolio of your best designs, you will be ready to create your mark in the fashion industry with your talent. 

Step 5: Focus on Networking

The fashion world thrives on networking. Spend considerable time connecting with your peers, established designers, and entrepreneurs. Attend fashion shows, trade fares, or participate in amateur contests to build your presence in the industry. Networking can also help exchange ideas, boosting your professional confidence. 

Over to You

Focusing on multiple characteristic developments can be overwhelming at the start of your career. Therefore, joining a credible fashion designing course should be your priority. 

Institutes like Pearl Academy provide a full-fledged undergraduate course in fashion design. Its 360-degree learning model naturally follows the steps mentioned above and helps students kickstart their careers in fashion with ease.


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