How to create quality content for the website


In the process of creating a website, not only the graphic part is important, but also (and above all) the contents that make up each page of the site.

By content we mean all the information that our site provides to its users, both textually and visually (images, videos and multimedia contents).

Why is it important to have quality content?

Of the texts well written and enjoyable to read is crucial to communicate effectively and easier for users who visit the site, this is an irrefutable fact.

Thinking of being able to let users choose us for the quality and effectiveness of our services and products, transmitting the professionalism that distinguishes us, using lean and non-exhaustive content, is a simple utopia.

Quality content and search engine rankings

Quality content is also fundamental and decisive for being able to position itself adequately on search engines .

Google, like the other engines, to understand what our page is about, the law, based on the understanding of the text, a large part of their “judgment” on the page in question.

If, in the face of a search made by a user, they consider our page exhaustive for this search, then we have excellent chances that our page is positioned in the first places of the search results.

From here it follows – by deduction – that sparse and not exhaustive contents almost always result in little or no visibility of the site on search engines.

Also, give useful and extremely usable information for visitors to our site allows you to earn incoming links, shares, mentions and therefore bring more visitor traffic.

How is quality content produced?

To be effective, the texts must be unique, valuable, original and contain all the information necessary to allow readers to meet the information needs, through an adequate register and a language consistent with the topic being discussed.

The text must be easy to consult, understandable, pleasant to read and interesting , a quality content that is not only at the top of the search results, but which is also seen as useful by users.

Before starting to dedicate yourself to writing the text, however, it is necessary to establish which type of users we want to contact and how we want to do it; this allows us to understand what expectations, specific needs and what answers this group needs, proposing an effective solution for targeted users.

The main objective of creating a text for the web is to creating a website and content that provides information, which demonstrates the authority of the company in the sector, which identifies the user with his problem and offers him valid solutions through the services you offer. By optimizing the text for the user you will also get an optimization for the search engine, which evaluates the contents not only through the presence of keywords but also based on human factors such as the interactions that the user has with the page.

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Formatting and text style

However useful and interesting the contents may be, the form is also important ; a monobloc written text all attached, it will hardly be read by the average user who will simply leave the site looking for other sources.

So, to make reading the text easier and smoother , it is good practice to divide the contents into paragraphs that are not too long with headers at the beginning of the paragraph and bold on the most incisive and important words to allow the visitor, who usually scrolls through the content to understand this. that he must expect from the text before reading, to select only the parts that contain what he is looking for.

On each page of the site where textual content is to be inserted, it will be necessary to choose a title that represents the content of the page, a relevant text in which a single topic is discussed which may have sub-topics but which must never deviate excessively from the main theme.

How long should the lyrics be?

The first answer, and perhaps the most correct, is this: the text must treat the page topic satisfactorily .

So before counting the characters, let’s worry about having given all the useful nuances of the message. By rereading your text you should be satisfied with how it is expressed and understood.

When we are sure of this aspect, it is advisable to make a more technical verification of the written text.

A well-made content deals with a topic in depth in an average of 1890 words , has an initial part that introduces the topics covered, answers the main questions that may arise in a user interested in the topic, is a quick reference, is organized in thematic sections , must be able to retain the public despite the technicality of the topic and always has a call to action at the end, without being intrusive, which pushes the user to generate a reservation or a contact request.

Trust a web partner for Copywriting

These simple rules can be applied to most of the content , topics, topics covered and situations for companies in any sector.

If you think you need to improve your content, in light of what you learned in this article, Web Digital Media Group can offer you the necessary advice, and copywrinting to enrich your site with quality content .


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