How to Get Quality Backlinks in 2019 For Improving SEO ranking


Are you looking at how you get good quality backlinks in 2019 for improving SEO ranking?

This really matters in this era. In this article, you will get an answer to this question.

Backlinks are one of the most important elements of your SEO strategy in fact in your pitch

you do everything which is required from keyword strategy to ensuring that it is a very

mobile effective platform so all that what you do is one side of it but when you are trying to

do something offline highest of all priorities have to be given to your backlinking strategy.

•             Now the question is how do you get the quality backlinks in 2019 for improving

SEO ranking. The old methods have been directory submissions, block commenting,

posting on social media channels all this kept aside but are you doing guest blogging.

Are you involving influencers?

The Best Quality Backlink is Anchor your Keyword Exact not with any word for Ex.

Wrong backlink: Institute in Dwarka digital marketing

Right Backlink: Digital Marketing Institute in Dwarka

So two important things that you can do in this journey is one involving influencers to do influencer marketing so that when these

influences get involved in your journey you can actually pay them to basically

endorse your brand but backlink is all about white hat techniques so you might not

want to pay them for backlinks but you need to ensure that while you re

communicating with them you’re trying to devise the whole strategy for influencing

or creating the influence out there you need to basically ask them to endorse the

brands and one of the parameters of endorsing the brands. I said everything that they

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would do on social media would be writing about you on their blog or their website

and give a backlink to you now you do this because you’re going to give them your

products to try or you figure out how you would want to work out this deal maybe. It

could be an affiliate opportunity that they can work around with you.

• The second important thing is guest blogging that is definitely a need for marketers to

create amazing content and there’s a definite need for bloggers to publish them so

now in this situation, you can create an amazing content piece for about words and

upload some of the best blogs of the world with respect to your niche and pitch them

with the content that you have if you have great content they are more likely to show

interest but if you’re just writing about to thousand words it would not be of their cup

of tea so please focus on creating backlinks to guest blog to influence the marketing

and involving influencers in the picture.

• The third important thing is by focusing on infographics do some research-based

initiatives write about stats and facts but ensure that these facts have a lot of images so

that when you are publishing this blog and doing a lot of alt text and trying to

optimize these images and people are discovering these images on your blog they are

more likely to take this particular image from your site publish it on their site and give

you battling for the source so remember to make your website is the source for a lot of

your industry piece so they are more likely to take content from you and publish it on

their site and give you a lot of battling so these are three strategies that would work in

infographic infographics infographic sites to backlinking through guest blogging and

three influencing marketing.


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