11 Types of Ladies Indian Kurtis For All Occasion


Kurtis are the most demanded and versatile ethnic attire. It is not only famous in India but is also very popular in foreign countries. It is easy to carry attire worn at parties, events, festivals and other occasions. The simple and printed ones are also worn on a casual basis. The outfit comes in many different patterns and designs. The fashion of this attire is never outdated. It is worn by girls and women of every age. There are several types of kurtis worn with different patterns of salwars, pants and jeans.    

  1. A-Line Kurti

They are one of the most popular patterns of kurtis. The outfit is fitted at the waist and is flared at the bottom. The pattern of this kurti resembles the alphabet A. They come in different lengths, they can be short, medium and long. The pattern is cool for any type of occasion. You can wear it at festivals and other functions. The type is very popular among young girls as they can pair it with denim jeans and pants of matching color. 

  1. Anarkali Kurti

They are one of the most loved and famous types of kurti. They are available in medium-lengths and floor-lengths. The designer ones are worn at pre-wedding functions, festivals and special events. There are light weight anarkali kurtis made of cotton, georgette and chiffon fabrics that can be worn in small parties and gatherings. Usually churidar salwar or leggings is paired with anarkali as it gives a proper look to the outfit.

  1. Flared Kurti

This is a pattern that is flared at the bottom. The flares are wide and circular and this type of kurti needs a large piece of cloth to provide a nice flare to the outfit. They look more gorgeous on tall and slim women as they can showcase the outfit properly. These kurtis are mostly paired with leggings or sometimes narrow pants. Wear heels for a slim and tall look. They are a great choice for each and every occasion.  

  1. Trail Kurti

This is a trending type of kurti. In this style the outfit is short from front and long till the floor from back. We can see many celebrities and models flaunting this type of kurtis in movies and events. These kurtis have a trail behind your back and sue to that reason they are called trail kurtis. The attire is decorated with embroidery work, patch work, stones and motif works, beads and pearls work. There are also printed ones with geometrical prints and floral prints. 

  1. Straight Kurti

Straight kurtis are simple and elegant. You can match any type of pants with this kurtis. They come in different lengths, they can be above the knee or below the knee. There are many different types of sleeve designs and patterns in this kurti. You can attach long sleeves of net or ruffle sleeves in this kurtis. Short sleeves are more common with these kurtis. They have attractive patterns on the neck and sleeves, they can be embroidered or printed and you can choose the one as per your wish. 

  1. Kaftan Style Kurti
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These are something different. You will see a square shape in this kurti. The pattern is gaining immense popularity. It is loose from top to bottom and a belt is tied at the waist. The sleeves are open and loose. These kurtis are usually seen in printed patterns and have broad borders at sleeves and bottom. They are a great choice if you want to wear something different and unique. They can be paired with palazzos, pants or leggings. 

  1. High-Low Kurti

These kurtis are upward rounded from the front and are long form the back. The pattern is alluring and wonderful. They have side slits for a better fit and movement. They have different types of neck designs including high neck, collar neck simple necks and broad neck. The sleeves can be customised by your choice, they can be long or short. Off-shoulder and cold-shoulder sleeves also look alluring and they are a better choice for occasional wear. 

  1. Asymmetrical Kurti

As per the name these kurtis have asymmetrical patterns. The bottom can be up and down or have a slanting pattern. These kurtis are very common among youngsters as they always try to wear something different and unique. You can be the center of attraction if you wear this design at events and parties. Wear heels and some traditional accessories for a complete look. The short ones will look absolutely ravishing with palazzo pants. 

  1. Jacket-style Kurti

This is basically a two piece outfit with a kurti and a jacket. The jacket is more detailed and decorated with different techniques and the kurti is less embroidered as compared to it. The jacket can be long or short depending upon the pattern of the kurti. Some kurtis have cape instead of jackets and they are more prefered at special occasions and functions. Some slit kurtis also have jackets or capes above them giving the attire a beautiful look.

  1. Double-layered Kurti

In this style the kurtis have two layers at the bottom. The two pieces are stitched together giving the attire a tempting look. The top can be straight cut and the bottom layer can be flared. It gives the look of a skirt. They are mostly floor length and come in different fabrics and prints. Paired it with leggings and be a diva. The style is getting very popular and is becoming the first choice for weddings or other functions. 

11.Selfie Kurti

One of the trendiest and latest kurti patterns is the wholesale selfie kurti. The printed one with long sleeves and stand collar will give you an extremely alluring appeal when paired with denim jeans or a fitted narrow pant. Some oxidized jewelry will increase the beauty giving you a chic look.


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