Critical Thinking: Are Most Of The Presidents/Prime Ministers In Power Globalists?


Before somebody becomes a first-rate minister or a president, they’ll usually discuss what they’ll do to create the country higher for the folks. And, as this person are trying to urge the highest job, thus to talk, this might be seen as one thing that’s expected.

The main objective, after all, ought to be to create positive that the voters WHO board their country are taken care of 1st. this is often to not say that individuals WHO board alternative countries should not be given thought.

First Things 1st

However if the wants of that board others countries were placed higher than the wants of those that board the country, it’d show that one thing is not right. This is often one thing that a future prime minister/president is awake to.

If they were to speak regarding what they’re visiting do for alternative countries and overlook the country they’re there to represent, they would not get terribly so much. This is often why this may not be one among the items they target.

A Different Stance

Once they need managed to persuade enough folks of their quality for the position that’s up for grabs, they will keep faithful their word. If they do, their priority is to try and do what they will to serve their fellow voters.

Then again, it may shortly become clear that their loyalties lie elsewhere. During this case, their main concern will be to try and do what they will for folks from alternative countries and to disregard their fellow citizen’s desires and issues.

Out of Sight

Still this could be one thing that’s solely clear is somebody has the inclination to seem on the far side what the thought media tells them. If they were to depend on this supply of knowledge to tell them regarding what’s truly stepping into their country specifically, and also the world generally, they will stay within the dark.

This supply of knowledge is then there to stay folks aware, however they’re a lot of curious about doing everything they will to stay folk’s news less. But, as long as somebody believes that this supply is there to tell them, it’ll stop them from inflicting too several issues

A Big Issue

For example, before a first-rate minister/president got into power, they will have waxed lyrical regarding however they were visiting shields the country’s borders. However, currently that they’re in power, they may do the entire opposite

So rather than clamping down on the number of individuals WHO acquire the country, they may not have done something. And, to feature insult to inquiry, they will have even signed a particular accord.

An Act of Betrayal

Due to what’s happening in their country, somebody will marvel what’s happening and why their prime minister/president isn’t looking for the country’s best interests. a method to seem at this may be to mention that the prime minister/president is simply two-faced.

Through having a extremely developed ability to deceive others, the power to handle plenty of criticism, and a robust want for attention, it allowed them to bit by bit get on my feet to the highest. The sole issue that this person goes to have an interest in, then, are power, not creating a positive distinction.

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Another Reason

It may be this straightforward, then again, there’s the prospect that there’s way more to that. There’s the prospect that right from terribly starting, this prime minister/president wasn’t there to serve the folks.

Instead this person was in all probability there to serve the interests of a gaggle of individuals that don’t seem to be within the prominence. Once it involves what these folks wish, it’s probably to be radically completely different to what the typical person desires.

A Positive Spin

Yet whereas the agenda that these folks have for the globe will not be disclosed on to the general public, it’ll be disclosed indirectly. The version that they’ll reveal, via the thought media, domain and also the government, as an example, are the sugar coated version.

It is then not visiting be that these folks need a one world government so they will management each a part of someone’s life; no, it’s that having a 1 world government can solve each drawback underneath the sun and cause heaven on earth. This can then be terribly attractive proposition as critical one thing that has to be fully discarded.

An Analogy

This is then equal to somebody asking one among their friends if they’d wish to go swimming with them in crystal clear water, feat out the actual fact that the water are stuffed with sharks. Through feat this important pierce of knowledge out, the opposite person will not have to be forced; they’ll merrily go together with this idea.

One does not have to have a comprehensive understanding of the way to manipulate others so as to work out that it’s easier to try and do this once another person does not realize what’s happening. If another person will realize what’s happening, it’s not visiting be attainable to drag the wool over their eyes.


To some folks, the concept that almost all of the folks in power are merely puppets for the so- referred to as elite goes to sound sort of a conspiracy theory. But, if somebody is willing to question what they’re told and has the power to work out patterns, it’ll possibly become clear that what’s happening within the world is musical organization.

As for a world government, this may sound sort of a nice plan – the full world operating along, now not fighting. Yet, whereas the concept is sound, the sole manner one thing like this is often probably to figure is that if it’s instigated by those that have a particular level of consciousness.

Most of the folks at the highest are probably to be fully out of bit with their essence and, therefore, see themselves as being cut loose everything and everybody. While not the correct level of mental, emotional and non secular maturity, they’d do a lot of damage than smart.

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