How To Plan & Travel A Round The World (RTW) Trip?


A trip around the world should be organized well – and like for many things in life. The climate in the planned region is important for choosing the right travel destination – after all, you don’t want to spend the summer in the south Indian monsoon. The route should be planned in such a way that you travel to the respective travel countries in acceptable travel time.

Tips on how best to plan a trip around the world

Tip 1: List the desired travel countries with the respective travel time, for example in an Excel table, to sort by travel time and options in the country.

Tip 2: Reduce the obligations at home to a minimum. Stress only takes away the magic from the trip. You should never forget that you are on vacation.

Tip 3: Be clear about your own ideas and the possibilities in the individual countries: Do I want nature or culture, rather peace or action during the planned vacation? 

Tip 4: One quarter each should be planned for accommodation, meals, sightseeing/transport and other things such as souvenirs. You can get an overview of the accommodation costs from a hotel or hostel booking portal. This makes it easy to calculate the daily budget per country. Some countries, such as Japan, are a bit more expensive and therefore not feasible with every budget.

Tip 5: You can find subway maps for major cities worldwide on

Tip 6: Obtaining a visa can be complex. You have to go to some embassies personally to receive the visa. Not everyone lives near the embassies.

Tip 7: If you are in a country that is currently in a crisis or if you are there during a travel time in which you can expect natural disasters, you can indicate at the respective embassy on-site that and how long you are in Country is located – by email or phone.

Tip 8: Plan a few countries and a long time in one place. For more information.

Tip 9: Ayurveda travel is very popular with older people, for example in India or Sri Lanka. You are picked up from the airport, the hotels often have a translator and it’s about health, massages, healthy eating and wellbeing.

Tip 10: I recommend women who are unsure about a group trip. Everything is organized and you often meet friends for life. Unfortunately, especially young women today often have unfounded prejudices about group travel. But there are also special trips for the target group for up to 40 years.

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Tip 11: Online platforms such as Couchsurfing and Airbnb help with the search for life with locals – however, the providers often live in a more western-oriented environment. If you want to spend the night in a very typical way, you should have a look around and be sure to find something. ”

Tip 12: A cash reserve of 150 euros is enough to travel safely around the world. 

Tip 13: Only things you can bear in the backpack should be lost. In addition, the backpack should not be too heavy: it is a blessing to travel easily. Every gram counts when packing. Nowadays there are the most necessary things to buy in all the major cities around the world. 

These 15 things you should do before you travel the world

  1. Check passport for validity and blank pages
  2. Apply for necessary visas
  3. Scan documents and send them to your own email address
  4. Set up travel blog (if necessary)
  5. Organize regular backups of the photos (e.g. USB stick, Dropbox)
  6. Photograph equipment for insurance
  7. Vaccination advise from the Tropical Institute (Tip: )
  8. Final check-ups at the family doctor, dentist and (if necessary) other specialists
  9. Take out travel health insurance, ideally with a complete package (Attention: Many travel insurance policies are only valid for up to 45 days. Make sure that the insurance also covers long-term travel, repatriation and emergency rebooking. And: Do not simply rely on credit card insurance.)
  10. Organize online banking and inform your bank about travel
  11. Provide the person of trust with a power of attorney
  12. Set up forwarding request or mail storage
  13. Sublet or cancel your apartment
  14. unsubscribe car
  15. Prepare terminations or arrange temporary closures of contracts (insurance, subscriptions, club memberships, cell phone contract, electricity, landline and internet etc.)

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