7 Great Sailing Tips


Sailing is the most joyous and fun thing to do in the world; nothing beats the peace and
tranquility of the traversing the open sea like a pirate and leaving all your troubles behind on a beautiful shore. However, if you hardly know anything about sailing, then it might be an activity you won’t look forward to repeating. We help ensure you don’t find yourself in the latter situation, with these seven amazing sailing tips for the perfect time out at sea. Take a look:

1) Always choose a favorable day
Consult the local metrological charts before planning a sailing trip to ensure the weather
won’t cause any problems where you’re headed. Luckily, most of this information can easily be found online. A 0% chance of precipitation and a sunny prediction is always a bonus. It goes without saying that you steer clear of days with heavy downpours.

2) Plan for the cold
As a general rule of thumb, always assume that it will be a lot colder and windier offshore
than it is inland, which is always the case. A scorching sun on the beach shouldn’t make you forget to bring warm ware with you as the conditions tend to be a lot chillier on the sea. It also helps to have sunscreen and other environmental protection accessories with you.

3) Know where to go
Any sailing trip is only as good as the location, so this is certainly one of the most important tips. Greece and Italy are particularly appealing if you are impressed by old historic towns and beautiful islands beyond counting range. If you are on a restricting budget, you should look into a yacht charter in Croatia as the Adriatic has plenty of traditional cuisines, history, and natural delight for a fraction of the expenditure. Always do your homework before settling on a sailing destination

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4) Get a small boat for your first voyage
A bigger vessel means a wider learning curve, so it’s best to start small and test the waters with a small boat so that you can figure out sailing dynamics in bits, especially if it’s your first time. It’s easier to come to grasp with the response of small boats initially compared to larger ones.

5) Watch the boom
Most boats have a boom, a heavy bar underneath the mainsail that often swings back and
forth as you manipulate the gears. Always be mindful of its presence, especially when
tacking or jibing, so that it doesn’t knock you overboard.

6) A little sailing lingo goes a long way
Advisably, your sailing lessons shouldn’t start way out at sea but in a professional sailing
class. There you can learn how to stay safe offshore and what to do in case of emergencies. Also, you’ll get to learn various sailing terms so that you can understand what the crew is talking about.

7) Get an on-boat instructor for your first time
Don’t back yourself into the deep end if you’re starting out, have an experienced instructor
from a recognized school accompany you for the trip. Under this tutelage, you can uncover
mistakes you didn’t know are making and generally better your sailing skills.

There you have it, seven sailing skills to improve not only your skills with the sails but also
your safety in vast, unfamiliar waters.


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