Setup Yahoo Mail in Outlook 2019/ 2016/ 2013 – Configuration Steps


Do you need assistance in moving data from Yahoo to Outlook? Try the easy process shown below and setup Yahoo mail in Outlook 2019 without the help of an expert. Follow the article to its and get your data moved from Yahoo mail to MS email client easily.

Microsoft Outlook is an efficient offline email client, offering all the functions of a mail service. When the application is configured and connected to the network, you can easily send, receive, and sync emails. Thus, in the process of configuring Yahoo mail in Outlook, you require the network stability through the process is completed. With this grant, we move towards the procedure of Yahoo Outlook migration.

For a simple solution to migrate Yahoo mail to Outlook (any version), the download demo free Yahoo email backup software. It will save the data in PST format. Then, use the import function to save this file to any version of Outlook (2019/ 2016/ 2013/ 2010/ 2007/ 2003).

Prerequisites for Yahoo Outlook Email Transfer

Yahoo mail provides security for its account data used over other applications. Thus, it offers the option to create an app password to use the Yahoo mail account on less secure applications.

Though there is a function to grant permission to use less secure app signing to Yahoo mail. But, it is announced by Yahoo mail that this feature will be ended by March 2020. Thus, it is suggested to generate an app password to use over the Outlook for the configuration of Yahoo in Outlook.

You can create an App password following the steps below

  1. Login to Yahoo Mail account and go to Account Security.
  2. Click on the Generate App password option. Login with your Yahoo credentials.
  3. Select Outlook application and click on the Generate option.
  4. Save the password generated at a known location.
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This password will be used in the Outlook to configure Yahoo mail in the desktop Outlook application. Now move down to understand the steps that sync Yahoo with Outlook email client.

Setup Yahoo Mail in Outlook 2019

  1. Open Outlook 2019.
  2. Go to File Menu and click on Add Account option.
  3. Enter Yahoo Mail address.
  4. Click on Advanced option and check for Let me setup my account manually.
  5. Click on Connect.
  6. In the Advance setup window, click on the IMAP option.
  7. Now enter the Yahoo mail app password here. Click on Connect.
  8. Click Done to finish syncing Yahoo emails in Outlook 2019.

Restart the application and the setup of Yahoo mail in Outlook 2019 is complete.

Final Words…

The article is all about the configuration of Yahoo on MS Outlook application. The process discussed above uses an app password generated in Yahoo mail account for secure usage of Yahoo account data and easy configuration of Yahoo mail on MS email client.


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