Things to Bring: Australian Holiday at the Beach 2020


The Land Down Under! Australia is truly a magnificent place that’s sure to recall unlimited stereotypes about particular animals and accents, but it’s so much more than that. The country is also filled with crystal waters and pristine white powdery shores. And if you’re thinking what to bring to the beach in Australia, it’s an entirely new ball game if you’re only used to the British sun.

Plenty of expats move over to Australia without having knowledge of how strong the sun is over there. You will definitely burn a lot quicker and before you know it, you’re already having third-degree burns. Even if it’s a cloudy day in Sydney, you’ll be shocked getting burned.  

Furthermore, there are a lot of activities and experiences that you’ll enjoy, this is why learning what clothes to bring can be tricky. Our lists below should help you how you can plan your trip well.

Common Packing Tips

Here are things you need to consider when preparing for an approaching holiday or weekend escape.

  • Destinations added to your weather app. Make use of your smartphone and begin looking at this, several weeks out but if you’re going straight somewhere where the seasons are dynamic. It will be important to track it up until the day you depart. The summer weather in different parts of Australia can be steadily hot, it can even change and you might be looking at a more gentle and cooler situation for at least some of your time at your destination.
  • Mini capsule wardrobe. You can prepare a mini capsule wardrobe around what you plan to bring. The reason why any capsule wardrobe works all the time is by exerting some planning into the exercise, which makes it into your suitcase will work for a number of different options.
  • Capsule stick to primarily neutrals with one accent colour. Try to organize your capsule stick in neutrals mostly then add one accent colour. Why? It will be much easier to utilize items back with each other when in neutrals.

Beach Packing Tips

Gold Coast, Australia

Bring more than one swimsuit

You can always pack at least two swimsuits if you’re heading on a committed beach holiday. This can mean that you have one dry and available for an instant change from a morning at the beach to an afternoon poolside. Of course, you don’t want to miss out swimming in the ocean or the pool. You want to enjoy every bit.

Take a beach tent with you

Binalong Bay, Australia

This is a great idea, particularly if you’re bringing your young kids with you. Once you buy one, you will learn that it’s a total game-changer. You’ll be able to have loads of space and it’s entirely different to an umbrella where you have to adjust it according to the sun every ten minutes or so.

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The most amazing thing with this is that you are able to stay out all day in the sun. You are not only protected from the sun but also your things as well as any food and water. It’s the ultimate item of a beach packing list.

Switch to Turkish beach towels

You may want to stock up on Turkish beach towels from now on. These towels will make you never want to look back again. You can immediately fit enough for the entire family in your beach bag without it being weighed down and they also dry really fast.

We highly recommend getting customized or printed beach towels so you can find it easily since you got your name on it.

Purchase a Decent Esky

A nice esky is another important beach item you need in Australia. If you and your family decided to spend more than an hour at the beach, you are going to need this.

You can fill it with ice or ice blocks and place your food into containers and you’ll be fine for the day. There are plenty of brands for this so try searching for one. Think about the foods you want to bring at the beach, make sure it’s not that messy.

Pack a long-sleeve tee and comfy pants

Pack a long-sleeve tee or light cardigan and some soft pants. The weather, even in Queensland, can turn mild and cooler if there is a lot of rain in the height of summer. Having a couple of light layers at the ready is a good idea.

Keep shoes to about three pairs

Scarborough WA, Australia

If you can keep your shoes to about three pairs, then do it. Just pack three pairs of shoes that will work with everything that you pack clothes-wise, then you get to lessen the space in your luggage. If you can’t live without heels, then it would be better to just have three minimum picks such as a sandal, wedge, and a pair of thongs.

Have a beach bag

Always have a beach bag with you. You would find that if you leave your regular day bag with you at home and go for a beach bag, you’ll realize how it’s going to be easy to work for walking across to the beach as well as taking to the shops for grocery and shopping.

Plenty of Sunscreens

Don’t forget to put sunscreen from time to time. You already know all our thoughts when it comes to sunscreen! Just wear some, please.

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