How Does Technology Affect Student Writing?

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Technology has a great impact on student writing. Most students these days use apps and other online sources to execute their academic assignments flawlessly. Just like top essay writing service providers even students can access these technologies with great ease.

Here’s our take on technology where we have discussed the pros and cons with respect to how much usage is enough:

Pros Of Using Technology

Polished researching skills

When you have the technology you are no more limited. Even the essay writing service providers use technology to do research. You can search for a great number of papers and databases in just a few seconds. You will agree with us that it is more difficult to check several references in a library than online. Students already suffer from time crunch and technology has the capability to reduce their time investment in completing their academic writing assignments.

Enhances analysis skills and creativity

When you use technology to find literature to support your viewpoints you come across a lot of papers and facts etc. You can enter specific keywords to narrow down your search. You can increase your analytical skills by opening multiple resources at a time and consider which one to choose. Your creativity will also get a boost as you can find the most shocking or intriguing facts to include in the hook of your introduction.

Plagiarism & proofreading has become lightning-fast

professional writers use online plagiarism and grammar tools to check research papers, essays, and other academic assignments. You can similarly make use of the amazing technologies available to get instant results. You can save an ample amount of time and use it to do other activities.

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Develop better writing skills with tutorials

Technology has allowed the education sector to come forward with online classes. If you are a first-timer you can join free tutorials from experts on how to write good academic assignments or essays. If you look for essay writing help online you can find a great number of video tutorials that will help you understand where were you lacking and which areas need improvement.

Cons Of Using Technology

Easy distraction

Students often get distracted when they work on apps or browsers. Instead of reading research papers they might play a game or watch a video. Since time is of the essence their complete focus should be on putting together their assignment only.

Too much dependence

Once students discover essay writing help online via technology they become too dependent and try to copy-paste from the Internet or use only online sources to complete their work. You must be analytical and be careful in choosing how much usage of technology is enough.


Students have been using technology for quite some time now but the bigger question here is “Are they aware that it can both benefit and harm them?” Technology should empower you to succeed and score good grades and not make you lose your confidence and analytical skills.


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