The Aukey SK-M12 Bluetooth Speaker Review in 2019


The Sound of the Aukey SK-M12 is honest without being very good, but the goal of the brand on this product is above all to offer an extremely strong speaker transportable everywhere without being afraid to break it. As a general rule, you can buy it for a price of $ 50 to $ 55 from online store like thegadgetspro.

What we think of the Aukey SK-M12

If you’re looking for a speaker to lounge on the beach on vacation, or enjoy your music at the edge of your pool, the Aukey model is ideal. It resists water, dust, and is wrapped in a layer of silicone that guarantees its solidity foolproof.

Be aware that it is also possible to attach the speaker to a compatible base for use on a bike or a scooter for example. For athletes and adventurers, the device has a battery life of 30 hours. In addition, it only takes one hour of charge to recover 5 hours of battery.

What better than having 30 hours of autonomy! At first, when I saw this specification, I could not believe it and I was curious to see if it was true. But I was wrong. It actually has a very long battery life and meets all kinds of specifications mentioned by the seller. This is a rugged speaker with dual 5W output that offers a better experience than a single 10W speaker. Bass and sound quality are better than any speaker in the same price range. There is also a tripod socket if you want to go out for fun. I had a great experience buying this bluetooth speaker. (David)

The precautions taken by Aukey to make its product very resistant result in a weight more marked than the average: 635 g is 1.4 lb. In practice, when it is on a bike you do not feel it too much, but in a bag or hand held the difference with other devices is notable without being crippling.

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The Bluetooth range is quite low: only 10m or 33ft. This is certainly enough for personal use, but at home, at an event or party, it can be impractical.

This is all the more true that the stereo sound reasons poorly indoors. The general sound quality is honest but less than the products in the same price range, especially on bass that are poorly rendered: you often feel that you hear music heavier and more powerful than it really is .

Last point to emphasize: the look of the Aukey SK-MK12 can split. It meets a requirement of solidity. The device is quite massive, and its appearance may seem a bit raw. But this side silicone brick can also come to give a touch of originality welcome and please.

Features of the Aukey SK-M12

  • The perfect enclosure for outdoor use.
  • His medium, poorly restored bass.
  • Resistant to sand, water, dust and shocks.
  • Perfectly suited for sportsmen and holidaymakers.
  • 635 g / 1.4 lbs.


  • Solidity in any event
  • Autonomy foolproof


  • His way
  • Weight

Our verdict on the Aukey SK-M12



Offered at a generally reasonable price and consistent with its promise of solidity, the Aukey SK-M12 is the right product for extreme sports enthusiasts who want to go on an adventure listening to their favorite music. Its average quality makes it an apparatus intended solely for this buyer profile.


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