Crack Secured PDF File Document For Free?


PDF files are very essential to most of us in many distinct respects. To secure the pdf many users protect these PDF files with a password. This password is usually referred to as User Password. These documents can only be accessed by those people who know the password.

The owner may also prohibit certain records, documents from being locked through the owner’s password to prevent others from editing or copying or even printing specific PDF files. If you need free methods to unlock protected pdf files. So this article gives you the techniques for free how to crack a secured PDF file document.

For papers such as magazine articles, product brochures or flyers where you want to preserve the original graphic appearance online, PDF files are particularly helpful. A PDF file contains one or more page images, each of which can be zoomed in or out of.

PDF File advantages:

  1. Maintenance of document format. Hyperlinks.
  2. There is an infinite format.
  3. Compared to other formats, have a tiny file size.
  4. A password protects the file.
  5. It can be incorporated readily into pictures, hyperlinks, etc.

First of all, how pdf encrypts internally is essential. As shown below, there are two methods:

  • Open Password
  • User Password

Open Password: It is the first key to access your PDF file and to open the entire PDF file. If you forget to open the pdf password, you’ve lost your authorization to view the pdf material.

User Password: This password may stop any PDF document from being unwillingly copied or edited. If there is already a user password, the reader can read the document only, there is no authorization to edit it.

Let’s go to Free’s safe PDF File file methods or techniques to crack.

Two Free Methods

  1. By Google Drive
  1. First of all, open Google Chrome and then go on your web browser to https:/ / drive/. Log in and open a page on your Google Drive. If you have logged in Google Drive, log in again by entering your password and email Id.
  • Drag the Google Drive PDF file now. This will add a PDF file for your Google Drive. Alternatively, you can click New in the top-right corner of your Google Drive Window. Use File Upload to select your PDF file and then click OK to upload it.
  • Double-click the present PDF file for Google Drive. By doing this, you can open the Google Chrome PDF. If your PDF is locked with a password, you must fill in the password and then click Submit to view its contents.
  • Click Ctrl+P after opening the PDF file. The Printing window appears.
  • Click Change now under the “Destination” located on the left side of Google Chrome. The menu appears.
  • In the menu, press Save as PDF under the heading “Local Options” in the menu titled “Select a Destination.”
  • Click on the Save button. After doing so, you can download the PDF file to your PC as an insecure file. The data from the PDF file can now be printed, edited and copied.
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By Adobe Acrobat

  1. Open the paid version of Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Acrobat Pro.
  2. Click the File option in the top-left corner of the window. When you click it, you may have a drop-down prompted. Click File Open.
  3. Double click on the opening pdf file.
  4. Because the file is password-protected, please make sure that when required, you provide the password. Then click on the Ok button.
  5. Click the icon on the left side of the lock.
  6. Clicking on it will open a safety environment and click on the details of the authorization.
  7. Now click on the safety technique to pick Password safety, there is a dropdown list.
  8. No safety option is selected under the dropdown.
  9. You’ll need to write your pdf password to unlock your pdf.
  10.  Now twice press OK and then unlock your pdf.


This is the best way to free of charge crack safe pdf file files. The above-mentioned software is best for people who want to unlock PDF files immediately as this software most often decrypts a PDF file efficiently. Whatever method you want to use, you can use any of the above techniques. These techniques will hopefully assist you to fix your problem. For more such type of informative Blog, You can visit Cigati.


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