Has social media made people more or less connected?


In today’s era, digital technology has taken over our minds drastically. We feel incomplete and insecure without having interaction with people on social media. Back in time, people used to spend their time talking to people in person, going out for gatherings, relaxing by sharing stuff in person and much more, but today, people spend their time on their smartphones rather than going out and exploring places with real people. We are indulged in connecting with people over social media rather than meeting them in person.

To be honest, we are addicted to social media! As soon as we get home from work, rather than spending time with our loved ones, we prefer to lay on the couch with our smartphone in our hand. We miss out on the time that we deserve to spend with our family and friends. Where social media has been useful for us in several ways; by the way, Abbracioffers mens cafe racer leather jacket a wide range of, with exclusive offers and prices! On the other hand, it surely has a negative side as well. It depends on how we make use of the positive side while neglecting the negative one.

Social media and its impact on our lives

Though social media is one of the strongest tools for people to connect and communicate but is it really connecting us to people or just drifting us away? Social media has been connecting us with people over the internet, but it surely doesn’t let us see the reality of the other side. We can edit and delete, which doesn’t bring out the actual personality of us. We can modify our personality to portray in front of others. Whereas face-to-face interaction had reality and purity. You would’ve been able to show the real side of yourself, without modifying it. Social media has an immense impact on our lives; some of them are listed below:

1.    Impact of social media on our personal relationships

One of the major impacts of social media on our lives is the effect on our personal relationships. We have hundreds of friends on our Facebook, but is any one of them the ‘real one’? The friends that we have on social media do not define the appropriate meaning of a friend! The bond that we can have with people through face-to-face interaction is something that could never be equal to social friendships.

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2.    Impact of social media on our privacy

Our privacy is highly affected by the use of social media. Stalking people on social media might sound fun, but it has several effects on the privacy of the one. Personal attacks, thefts, and misuse of identity are common nowadays because of the personal information shared on social media. Cyberbullying is another concern for people using social media.

3.    Impact of social media on our mental growth

Kids nowadays are hitting their puberty at a very young age. Thanks to social media, this generation has been forced by social pressure to grow fast. Social media is kind of taking over the lives of young kids. They are addicted to the use of social media and get aggressive if they are not given what they want. They find out new things over the media and demands for the same or more. Our mental growth is highly affected by the use of social media.

4.    Impact of social media on our personality

We are forced to portray our lives on social media. By checking out stories and posts of hundreds of so-called friends added on our friend’s list, we have been pressured to showcase every single activity that we perform, with a highlighted backdrop and filter. Our personality is extremely under pressure, as we do not want to be known as an anti-social or an introvert on social media. We have developed a dual personality because of the image that we want to maintain on social media.

As effective and useful social media is, we have indulged ourselves into the use of it, addictively. Rather than maintaining a balance between social life and real life, we have been diverting more towards the social one. Meeting people in person, interacting with them, sharing the quality time, and creating memories have been left behind somewhere. Today, we just want to get followers, friends, and likes on our fake and feeling posts. Get real and cherish the real-life man.


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