Different Types Of SEOs And Their Impact On Business


It is important to understand the types and categories of SEO and what impact each has on a business. An expert from a SEO services in Chandigarh states that if you do not understand the ins and outs of these types, how will you select the best strategy for your own business? In this write up we will be discussing the four major kinds of SEO techniques that are prevalent in markets across the world:

White Hat SEO

White hat SEO strategies are considered best for improving website rankings on search engines in a long run. Most of these tactics are recommended by Google and are in line with  Google’s search engine guidelines. These include: 

  • Creation of high-quality content: Good quality content is valuable when you need to divert organic traffic to your site. It piques the interest of the reader and compels them to track the inbound links present in the content. The most common categories of industry-based content include infographics, videos, ebooks, and blogs. 
  • Social Media Sharing: Just like content, social media sites also help drive traffic to official websites. They also increase the engagement level and spread the word about your business at a much faster pace. 
  • HTML Optimization: Cleaning of site’s code is the key to better performance. HTML Optimisation refers to cleaning up cumbersome codes, reduction of unwanted text, and eliminating white space. 
  • Increasing User-Friendliness Of A Site: Appealing design, easy navigation, and engaging videos and photos are a part of the process used in enhancing the user-friendliness of a site. 

Black Hat SEO

These techniques exploit the search engine algorithms to improve site rankings. There are a few businesses that employ Black hat SEO techniques to get faster results. However, there is a downside to this strategy as more often than not it ends up blacklisting sites from search engines and hurting businesses over time. Most common tactics used in this category include link spamming,  hidden text or links,  overstuffing of keywords, cloaking,  link purchases, content copying, over-optimization of HTML headings, and a few others. These tactics do deliver faster results within a few weeks but seldom last longer than that. If Google catches your site practising any of these strategies, the penalties are severe. 

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Grey Hat SEO: 

Grey hat SEO is the go-between the black and white hat SEO. As the name suggests, it includes some good and bad tactics that are both good and bad for a site. Most of these techniques are not blacklisted under Google per are not even recommended as an acceptable way of getting leads. These are risky techniques that are marketed as an affordable solution for those who don’t have big budgets. The most common examples of Grey hat SEO techniques include paid reviews,  link exchanges,  spun content, and click bait articles. 

Negative SEO:

It is one of the most unique ways to sell your business on search engines. Under the category,  the situation is not perpetrated by own business but by someone else. Most negative SEO situations occur between fierce competitors in several industries. A business using negative SEO tries to bring down the reputation of its competitor using black and grey hat techniques. The goal is to bring down the ranking of one’s competitor through deliberate negative reviews, the creation of unnatural links to the competitor’s website,  and hacking websites for content modification. It is not easy to control or counter negative SEO techniques. Therefore, you must keep track of your SEO campaigns and keep track on any unexpected for unusual drops in your performance. 

In SEO services in chandigarh there are the four major types of SEO techniques that are used in the online world. But if you are really serious about driving results for a business here are some serious SEO techniques that you need to incorporate in your plan:

  • On-page SEO: It refers to the changes that you make on your site interface to improve its overall performance. Keyword Optimisation, HTML Optimisation, and image Optimisation for some of the most common ways used for on-page SEO.
  • Off-Page SEO: It includes optimisation of a site using external factors like social media sharing, linking sites with different social media pages,  creation of engaging content, and finding ways to drive organic traffic to one’s page.

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