6 wall colour combinations for a teenager’s bedroom


Decorating your kids’ bedroom may be a tough task all for many reasons. For instance, perhaps they are going through pink or blue infatuation today and wants the room painted in that particular hue. However, teenagers tend to drastically change their likes and interests every week. Sometimes, they share a room with a sibling who has completely different interest and preference. It is challenging, but not impossible.

Bold and fun wall colour is one of the easiest and best ways to personalize any room. Before you decide to paint your teenager’s room, make sure they won’t outgrow it, like, tomorrow. These shades are foolproof colours that grow with them. Also, do not forget to consider their inputs because by the time your kids enter teens, they have a pretty good idea and preferences in place as to which colours and styles of decorating they like. With your guidance, they can choose a colour scheme for their bedroom that will be an extension of their personality and a defined personal space. Let your teen’s tastes and interests shine through.

Go vibrant and bright

Teenagers love bright shades. Combinations of bright orange, purple, bright blue, navy and black can be mixed and used to create a look that is sophisticated and appealing, without being dreary or dismal. Shades of pink and purple is a particular favourite among teen girls. Shades of purple walls with black furniture give a very glamorous yet lively look to the room. The lavender room gives a very dreamy feel and makes it a sweet space. You can also add rich pink with accents in bright shades of green, purple or sunny yellow for a young look. For boy’s room, try a neutral beige or soft brown with bright accents in orange, green or blue for a colour pop and right balance.


Play with neutrals

Many teenagers gravitate toward neutral walls. But that opens many possibilities for you to experiment on. For instance, a girl’s room in a soft blue or natural light green can be pretty without being too loud and girly. For boy’s room, grey with navy is a great combination that looks good with unpainted or black furniture. These combinations allow you an opportunity to play around with geometric shapes, natural elements like trees or flowers, or mounted wall with musical instruments that give a very wholesome look to the room.

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Adding depth

Navy is a versatile colour. Its depth adds sophistication to space, yet its proximity to primary lighter blue exudes youthfulness. Combination of navy and mint is a balanced one and alluring for any space, particularly a teenager’s bedroom. Navy colour adds depth and stateliness to space while mint provides a fun and fresh zing. This combination holds a spectrum of possibilities and is perfect for kids that are young and old. Clearly, it grows with your kids.

Balanced space

Warm grey combinations help a teenager bedroom feel peaceful, welcoming, and visually interesting. Here, when added with dark rich red and maroon hue, it can make the bedroom feel alive, without being jarring. These combinations give you a canvas to explore natural elements and play around with colours. While medium-toned brown in the form of wooden furniture grounds the space, infusions of soft grey lend it a sleek, modern vibe without being harsh.

Yellow is fellow

Colour yellow alludes to youthfulness and freshness. But, a combination of grey and yellow works in a variety of spaces, and your teenager’s room is no exception. This combination is a perfect blend of cheerfulness and is extremely contemporary. Adding a peony-toned accent can turn the space into a modern space, that has all the warmth and feeling of a lived-in childhood dream.

Classics are forever

Black and white is a classic colour combination that can be pulled off in any style and any space. Wooden colours and white shades can make your space feel lighter and more youthful, colour black adds a fun graphic balanced detailing and colour green brings in plenty of freshness and fun to maintain the required balance for your teenager’s bedroom.

Painting solutions

Colours are always more intense on the wall than they are on a tiny paint chip. When you find a chip you love, go a shade lighter to keep the colour from overwhelming your room.




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