How to Choose the Right Marking Machine on Metal


Choosing the right machine for your product is always an issue and is difficult at the same time. One needs to adopt the right sort of machinery in order to run the business processes in the right in continuous flow.

This article will list all the details regarding a marking machine used on metals. Following is the list of types of metal marking machines.

Types of Metal Marking Machine

There is no doubt in the fact that there are new sorts of materials being introduced in the industry but this is also a known fact that metal will always remain on the top. Every industry that manufactures any sort of metal parts needs to engrave its name on it. There are three main types of metal marking machines which are currently being introduced in the industry.

  1. Fibre laser marking machines
  2. Dot pin or dot peen marking machine
  3. Handheld inkjet printers

To choose the right machine you need to know a bit about each type. Here is a list of the advantages and characteristics of each type so that you can understand the machines in a better way.

Fibre Laser Engravers or Marking Machines

These machines is without a doubt a total all-rounder. The latest technology is used in this marking machine which enables you to mark your product in a more efficient and proficient way. This is because of this latest technology that the time span has also been reduced to the minimum.

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The things which should be checked before making a purchase of this product are stated as follows

  1. What sort of materials can be marked
  2. The marking depth
  3. Marking area
  4. Marking speed
  5. Laser output power

There are many brands which are manufacturing fibre laser marking machine, out of which Heatsign, Dalemark, Borries, Trotec and Epilog are the big names in the industry.

Dot Pin Marking Machines:

The dot pin marking machine is also known as the dot pin marking machine. This is a sort of marking machine which offers permanent engraving directly on the metallic material. Basically, this machine uses carbide which is a very hard material, due to this hard material it becomes easy for the machine to engrave on almost every sort of metal. Apart from this, the speed of the pin is so fast that it is almost impossible for a naked eye to register the number of hits on the material. This machine works in a faster and efficient manner.

Handheld inkjet printers

This is the most basic type available in the market. Inkjet printers are of cheaper price and are comfortable to use, due to the portability feature. This technology does not engrave on the material, instead, it creates marking impressions with the help of ink.

Specification of a handheld inkjet printer are as follows

  1. Marking speed of the product
  2. The marking area of the product
  3. Resolution of the print in DPI
  4. Ink
  5. Battery life
  6. Feeding system
  7. Weight


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