According to market study, the agencies have declared the success rate of the CRM implementation. These market booms show that around 45% of CRM dispositions worldwide are not meeting their planned targets. Analysts have quoted several reasons for the high failure rate, but Archiz has developed a program that addresses worries about implementation failures.

Archiz has been meeting the needs of sales CRM customers with a 97% retention for over 11 years. Our goal is to explain real estate brokers with the development taking place in the Real Estate CRM sales and marketing areas. We attempt to spread the technological improvements that help management teams enhance sales results.


Before dealing with real estate CRM, let’s take a quick look at the basics of what CRM really means. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. It is a kind of strategy and a kind of software. Simply put, a CRM strategy determines how a business builds and manages customer relationships. Therefore, CRM software can help implement this CRM strategy.

However, conflicting to new applicants, real estate CRM is more than just boost business sales.

Big features of Archiz real estate CRM include:

• Tracking leads

• Schedule management

• Property management and contact management

• Access to real estate growths and latest business news

• Separation of contract

Thus, the definition of CRM Software for real estate will include assisting realtors in visualizing clients individually and providing personalized services while improving the efficiency of their own real estate sales processes.

In summary, real estate CRM agents help real estate agents manage sales processes efficiently and effectively, provide personalized customer service, and save time. What are the immediate benefits of real estate CRM?

Report: Decreased Lead Loss and Increased Site Visits

Professor James Oldroyd of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology analyzed three years of sales data and deciphered the surprising results. An important tenet of this report, which is most relevant to the real estate industry, states:

• If the lead is contacted within 5 minutes instead of 30 minutes after the request, access to the site will be increased 21 times.

• Working for 5 minutes reduces lead loss by 92%.

Marketing and Sales Robotics: Save more money and Get More profits

The Internet is an central part of the modern world. Not only do we have recovering connections, but we also increase access to various products and services. For example, India alone is projected to have 500 million Internet users. The worldwide extent of the Internet can only be abstract. This reach gives companies the opportunity to connect with a wider customer base.

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With the growth of the Internet, digital marketing is expanding its wings. Today, online marketing is the right source for generating leads vertically. Its value exceeds that of the traditional method. Therefore, real estate companies are urgently required to perform sales and marketing operations on a single platform. In addition, three major challenges that CXOs are currently facing are the need for unsold inventory and good sales activities.

Digital marketing is developing as a good source for generating leads steeply. Its value exceeds that of the traditional method. Archiz has developed a talking technology for current sales. Built-in combination with all sources, built-in intelligence to allocate potential customers, and advanced automation removes lost income from missing or ignoring opportunities.

The sales process  model is definitely outdated. There are several outmoded reasons: the emergence of the principle of better time management, the rising expectations of salaries for permanent sales specialists, and the logistical problems of traveling between companies and field offices are no longer feasible, The sales cycle is long and competition is intensifying. Recently, a new team structure has emerged that distributes sales functions into two or three groups. The structure was further investigated and analyzed in a detailed article. Learn more about.

Do real estate agent need a CRM ?

In today’s competitive environment, CRM software for real estate companies is a must. CRM removes many concerns from sales and marketing. As soon as companies replace manual sales management and leadership processes with CRM, agents can quickly reduce stress. Everything is easier. Everything is kept in the cloud, so there is less need on documents. The search is not unacceptable, as the data is also effectively planned by CRM.

Archiz real estate CRM software for sales and marketing that provides better business results. More than 5000 users have reduced existing procedures with our real estate CRM. This operation has helped these organizations improve their overall sales plan result?

Customers have reduced manual data entry by 90% and increased responses by more than 80% for the first time. In addition, transaction losses due to pricing inaccuracies have been reduced by approximately 85%. By removing these obstacles, the team improved the overall sales process and helped the organization increase site visits by 21 times. The advantage is improved internal system revenue and clarity, and improved customer service.

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