SMS Marketing & It’s Advantages


Cellular phones have become an integral part of our lives since its invention. It has the benefit of carrying it around in a pocket, no more wires to take care of, and can be used anywhere and anytime. Moreover, since the advent of smartphones (which can be used as a portable computer including the ability of calling people), we are always glued to it.

More importantly, we give much preference for texting more than calling. So, SMS marketing is a smart way to engage your target audience.  Although, there was a time when businesses didn’t want to use texting as an option to reach their prospects, mostly because of rules & regulations associated with it. However, now it’s not that difficult to follow those rules because of the benefits of SMS Marketing. So, without any further ado, here are some advantages of SMS Marketing:

Fast SMS Delivery to the Prospect

Text messaging is considered as the fastest way to let your prospect know about your business. Mostly because people usually try to reach the phone when they wake up in the morning. Plus, it doesn’t take long to read a message, especially without any spam filters acting out.

And it has been seen that it hardly takes seven seconds to send a message to a client. With the help of SMS marketing, the campaign which you are running can have hundreds of clicks within minutes.

It allows you to be brief and personal

It is a known fact that using abbreviations such as “You” and “I” gives your message a personal touch. And using such abbreviations within a text of 160 characters makes it even more effective for your marketing campaign.

You should also know that conciseness is your friend. That is, with SMS marketing, you “have” to be brief and to the point which makes getting your message across that much easier.

Conversion of Potential Prospects

In a survey conducted by many business websites, it has been seen that text marketing or sms marketing involves a much higher conversion rate when compared to any other marketing campaign.

Moreover, if you use software such as for sending bulk sms, it would even allow you to see how many times the links were clicked, how many opened your text, how many ignored it and so on. This way you can check the click-through rate, open rate and more.

Opt-in and Opt-out Options

We mentioned rules & regulations above, this is where it actually comes in effect. There are specific rules & regulations when you are sending a text to a client. It means that they have to “opt-in” in order to receive messages from you. Otherwise they will simply block you.

Before, it was harder to give the customers an easy way to Opt-in. Now, with the advent of technology, it has become much easier. Similarly, you have to provide the customers a way to opt-out anytime they want. This way they would know that you want them to be your subscriber, of their own free will.

High Engagement Rate

Sms marketing has the highest engagement and open rate among any other marketing techniques. Being a text message, it won’t go to any spam folder and people will actually read it before deciding what to do with it.

However, as written in the above point, make sure that the prospects you are sending the message to have opted-in to receive messages from you.

Better Reach

SMS marketing, over the years, has seen a much higher reach than any of the available marketing methods such as email, telephone, and more. This means that people don’t mind receiving text messages on their phone as much as they dislike phone calls or emails.


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